Person:Unknown Cunningham (26)

Unknown Cunningham
b.WFT Est 1710-1720
  1. James CunninghamEst 1705-1710 - 1763
  2. Unknown Cunningham1710-1720 -
  3. Hugh CunninghamABT 1710 - bef 1772
  4. John CunninghamBEF 1715 - BEF 1774
  • HUnknown Cunningham1710-1720 -
  1. John Cunningham1754-1762 - BEF 1787
  2. Mary Cunningham1755 - 1804
  3. William 'Bloody Bill' Cunningham1756 - 1787
Facts and Events
Name Unknown Cunningham
Gender Male
Birth? WFT Est 1710-1720

Tha identity of the father of William "Bloody Bill" Cunningham is unknown. More research is needed to prove his parentage.

Possible Identity of Unknown Cunningham

One intriguing possibility for the father of William "Bloody Bill" Cunningham exists in a Moses Cunningham, possible brother of a James Cunningham, who lived for about 18 years just outside of the Borden Tract near Teas Creek (later re-named "Kerr's Creek" for the infamous Massacres that occurred there in 1759 and 1763).. This James Cunningham acquired a 400-acre tract in the area in 1745, and sold 100 acres of this tract to his son Jacob Cunningham in the following transaction (note the highlighted name of Moses Cunningham):

  • Page 391.--6th August, 1753. James Coningham and Margaret to Jacob Conningham, 100 acres, part of 400 acres patented to James, 20th August, 1745. On Tees Crick of James, cor. Moses Coningham. Teste: Chas. Daugherty, Isaac Coningham, Henry (X) Campbell.

The interesting thing about this record is the inclusion of a "Moses Cunningham" as owning land adjoining James Cunningham. James had a son Moses, but at the time he was just a young lad of about 12 years, so he was clearly not old enough to own land in 1753. We know that James Cunningham's brother, Hugh Cunningham had also recently acquired a tract of 281-acres just across the Borden Tract line, adjoing the land of James Gilmore and John Kerr (who had the good fortune to have sold this land to John McKee in 1754), so it would not be unusual for another brother to have acquired land also nearby.

We know that in 1759 and 1763, several of the families that lived in the Teas Creek/Kerr's Creek area were affected by the Indian Massacres that occurred there, including the Cunningham's, Gilmore's, McKees (Hugh Cunningham married a McKee) and others, and after these Massacres, several families fled the area in fear of their lives. Aside from the record in 1753 of Moses Cunningham owning land adjoining that of James Cunningham, there does not appear to be any mention of this older Moses Cunningham in Augusta County records, so what happened to this Moses Cunningham?

Did he die in one of the Kerr's Creek Massacres? Did he flee with his family (and son William "Bloody Bill" Cunningham) to perhaps another area of Virginia or North Carolina? We may never know, but the mystery of the identity of this Moses will continue.