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Caratacus , King of the Catuvellauni 10 AD
d.aft 50 AD Rome
Facts and Events
Name[1] Caratacus , King of the Catuvellauni
Alt Name[1] Caratacus , King of the Britons
Alt Name[1] Caratacus , King of Scotland
Alt Name[1] Caractacus
Alt Name[1] Caratācos , (Brythonic)
Alt Name[1] Caratawc , (Middle Welsh)
Alt Name[1] Caradog , (Welsh)
Alt Name[1] Καράτακος , (Greek)
Alt Name[1] Καρτάκης , (Greek)
Gender Male
Birth[1] ca 10 AD prob in Catuvellauni territory
Death[1] aft 50 AD Rome
Reference Number? Q335073?

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Alt Title = I, Cerdic High King of England. Source needed.

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    Caratacus (Brythonic *Caratācos, Middle Welsh Caratawc; Welsh Caradog; Greek Καράτακος; variants Latin Caractacus, Greek Καρτάκης) was a first-century British chieftain of the Catuvellauni tribe, who led the British resistance to the Roman conquest.

    Before the Roman invasion Caratacus is associated with the expansion of his tribe's territory. His apparent success led to Roman invasion, nominally in support of his defeated enemies. He resisted the Romans for almost a decade, mixing guerrilla warfare with set-piece battles, but was unsuccessful in the latter. After his final defeat he fled to the territory of Queen Cartimandua, who captured him and handed him over to the Romans. He was sentenced to death as a military prisoner, but made a speech before his execution that persuaded the Emperor Claudius to spare him.

    The legendary Welsh character Caradog ap Bran and the legendary British king Arvirargus may be based upon Caratacus. Caratacus's speech to Claudius has been a common subject in art.

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