Person:Timothy Williamson (1)

Timothy Williamson
b.3 Jun 1637
  • HTimothy Williamson1637 - 1676
  • WMary Howlandbef 1635 - 1690
m. 6 Jun 1653
  1. Mary Williamson1654 - 1720
  2. Timothy Williamson1656 - 1682
  3. Joanna Williamson1658 -
  4. Elizabeth Williamsonabt 1660 - 1727
  5. Capt. Caleb Williamson1661 - 1738
  6. Experience WilliamsonABT 1664 -
  7. Unknown WilliamsonABT 1666 -
  8. Nathan WilliamsonABT 1668 - 1718
  9. Martha Williamson1670 - 1740
  10. Abigail Williamson1672 -
  11. George Williamson1675 - abt 1765
Facts and Events
Name Timothy Williamson
Gender Male
Birth? 3 Jun 1637
Marriage 6 Jun 1653 to Mary Howland
Death? 6 Aug 1676 Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesKilled in the final days of King Phillip's War

  1.   LaChance, Henry. The Most Dangerous War in New England's History.

    "When the English arrived at these shores, weak and few in number, Massasoit, leader of the Wampanoag tribe of southern Massachusetts, showed them great hospitality. He willingly taught them how to plant and get on in their new surroundings. Most importantly, he protected them from the more hostile Narragansetts of Rhode Island. The English took Massasoit to their bosom and, until his death in 1661, enjoyed the best of relations with him. Massasoit had left two sons, Wamsutta and Metacom, who were given the classical names of Alexander and Philip, as a gesture of compliment from the English. Wamsutta died the year after his father, and the full authority of Tribal leadership devolved upon Philip. He became arrogant and began to plunder the white man's homes with stealth. The Indian's method of fighting was totally different from that of the white men, and it took them some time to change to the Indian's way of fighting. The war began on June 23, 1675. "King Philip", as he called himself, was killed by a bullet squarely through his heart on August 12th, 1676."

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