Person:Timothy Wentworth (3)

Timothy Wentworth
b.Bef 1671
m. bef 1647
  1. John Wentworthest 1647 -
  2. Gershom Wentworthest 1649 -
  3. Ezekiel Wentworthest 1651 -
  4. Elizabeth Wentworthest 1653 -
  5. Paul Wentworthest 1655 -
  6. Sylvanus Wentworthest 1657 -
  7. Timothy WentworthBef 1671 - Bef 1719
m. Abt 1696
  1. Deacon Samuel WentworthAbt 1700 - 1780
Facts and Events
Name[1] Timothy Wentworth
Gender Male
Birth[2] Bef 1671
Marriage Abt 1696 to Sarah Cromwell
Death[1] Bef 8 Jul 1719 Berwick, York, Maine, United States
  1. 1.0 1.1 Wentworth, John. The Wentworth Genealogy: English and American. (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1878), 154-59.

    Will dated Berwick 3 May 1719, proved 8 Jul 1719, names wife; sons Timothy [executor] and Samuel; daughters Mary and Sarah.

  2. Source:Wentworth, John. Wentworth Genealogy, p. 155 estimates Timothy's birth as bef. 1673, assuming he was 25 at the time of his estimated marriage. By tradition, he is said to be the last child of his father's first wife, but there is no evidence to determine the actual birth order of the children. Source:Lovell, Frederick William. Ancestry of Thomas Lovell and His Wife Mary Ellen Ricker, p. 68, says he signed a petition in New Hampshire in Aug of 1692. To be of legal age, he needed to be born by 1671. This second estimate seems to have a firmer foundation. He received a share in his grandfather Ezekiel Knight's land "by virtue of his father's will". On the surface this suggests he was a child of the second wife, but since it is by virtue of the will of his father, it is not clear that this proves a blood relationship to Ezekiel Knight?