Person:Timothy Day (4)

Timothy Day
d.aft 1730
m. aft 11 Sep 1649
  1. Thomas Dayabt 1650/1 - 1725/6
  2. Timothy Day1653 - aft 1730
  3. John Day1657 - 1736/37
  4. Ezekiel Day1659 - 1661
  5. Ezekiel Day1662 - 1724/25
  6. Nathaniel Day1665 - 1734/35
  7. Elizabeth Day1667 -
  8. Samuel Day1669/70 - 1749
  9. Joseph Day1672 - 1742
  • HTimothy Day1653 - aft 1730
  • WPhebe Wilde1653 - 1723
m. 24 Jul 1679
  1. Timothy Day1679/80 - 1757
  2. John Day1680 - 1680
  3. Anthony Day1681/82 -
  4. John Day1683/4 - 1747
  5. Jonathon Day1685/86 -
  6. Joseph Day1687 -
  7. Susanna Day1688 -
  8. Priscilla Day1689 - 1689
  9. Elizabeth Day1690 - 1690
  10. Benjamin Day1695 - 1697
  11. Ebenizer Day1697 -
Facts and Events
Name[3][4][6] Timothy Day
Gender Male
Birth[2][12] 1653 most likely in Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Military[2] 24 Jun 1676 Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesserved in garrison & in King Phillip's war
Other[5] 1677 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statestook Oath of Fidelity; occupation husbandman
Marriage 24 Jul 1679 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, USAto Phebe Wilde
Other[7] 1692 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United Stateswife accused of witchcraft, imprisoned in Ipswich, released 24 Sep 1692
Religion[7] 1703 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesMember of First Church
Residence[2][3] Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United Stateswest side of Squam River
Death[11][13] aft 1730
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    cites marriage

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    Timothy Day of Gloucester, son of Anthony Day, was born 1653; married Phebe Wildes of Topsham July 24, 1679; and lived in Gloucester on the west side of Squam River
    served in King Phillip's War and in Chelmsford, MA garrison 24 June 1676
    Children: Timothy b. Topsfield 19 Jan 1679/80, lived in Gloucester except for a short time when he was at York;
    [other children also listed, all b. Gloucester)

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    Anthony Day and Susanna [Matchet] children: Timothy.
    Timothy Day married Phebe Wildes, July 24, 1679; who died April 8, 1723, aged seventy. He had his residence on the westerly side of Squam River, where some of his sons also settled. His children were --
    Timothy, Anthony, John, Joseph, Jonathan, and Susanna, Ebenezer, besides others who died in infancy. John is supposed to have died about 1747, and to have left a son John, who settled in Norwich, Conn.
    Timothy Day date of his death is not known; but it appears probable that he was living in 1721. Phebe Wildes died April 8, 1723, aged seventy.

  4. Babson, John J. Notes and Additions to the History of Gloucester: Part First. Early Settlers. (Gloucester, Mass.: M.V.B. Perley, 1876), Pt. 1, pp. 17-18.

    Anthony Day and Susanna children: Timothy before 1657.
    Timothy Day had six sons, inc. Timothy, Anthony, (m. Penelope, had three dau. in Goucester, d. 12 Jan 1712); Joseph, John (b. 1 Feb 1684, prob. m. Dorothy, had 11 children, plus John, baptised 18 Oct 1713. This is the John Day "who in May 1747, then of Norwich, Conn., potter, was the administrator of the estate of his brother, John Day of Gloucester."), Zebedee (m. Margaret Before 19 Feb 1743)

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    Day, John, husbandman
    Day, Timothy, husbandman

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    DAY, TIMOTHY, Gloucester, freem. 1690, m. 24 July 1679, Phebe Wildes, d. prob. of the sec. John, wh. d. 8 Apr. 1723, aged 70, had
    Timothy, Anthony, John, Joseph, Jonathan, Ebenezer, and Susanna, beside some wh. d. inf. as Babson tells.

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    p. 4 - Rev. John White became preacher at First Church in 1703. Members of the church who resided in town at that time included:
    Timothy Day
    p. 72 - 1692, Sept. 24 - "On bonds for their appearance, Mary, wife of Hugh Rowe, Phebe, wife of Timothy Day, and widow Rachel Vinsen, all of Gloucester, are released from Ipswich prison, having been confined there for witchcraft."

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    DAY, Timothy (1653-1723) & Phebe WILES/WILDE?/WILDES (ca 1653, 1657-1727; 24 July 1679, Gloucester/Topsfield
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    Timothy Day, b. _____, 1653, Gloucester, Mass; died April 8, 1723, Gloucester, Mass. Married July 24, 1679, Phebe, daughter of John & Priscilla (Gould) Wilde, of Topsfield, Mass., born about 1653, Topsfield, Mass; died April 8, 1728, Gloucester, Mass. She was imprisoned for witchcraft, in 1692.
    [Note: no sources cited; some information questionable -- Timothy's birth place was not Gloucester. Date of death given is that given for his wife in Town Records; date of death given for Phebe questionable first because it differs from Town Records, second because it appears to be a typo of the death date attributed to Timothy.]

  10.   Crapo, Henry Howland. Certain Comeoverers. (New Bedford, Mass.: E. Anthony & Sons, 1912), Vol. II, p. 768.

    Timothy Day was b. in Gloucester in 1653, d. in 1723. He lived on the west side of the Annisquam River, was a soldier in King Philip's War.
    [Note: Unsourced information, birth place incorrect]

  11. Davis, Walter Jr., The Wildes Family of Essex County, Massachusetts, in Essex Institute Historical Collections. (Salem, Massachusetts: Essex Institute Press), Vol. 42, p. 273.

    Phebe Wilde married Timothy Day of Gloucester, 24 July 1679.
    In 1730, Timothy Day Deeded his Gloucester property to his son John for care and affection in his old age.

  12. There is no birth record for Timothy in Gloucester, and his parents were living in Exeter in 1653.
  13. There is no death date for Timothy in the Gloucester Town Records. There is a death date for his wife Phebe, 8 April 1723. This date has been cited for Timothy in unsourced compiled genealogies which are known to contain other incorrect information for Timothy's place of birth and/or Phebe's death (Tingley, Crapo, e.g.) That information has been copied by others without reference to original sources, including Torry, who is known to contain many errors. Babson states that Timothy's death date is unknown, and is also aware that Timothy was not born in Gloucester. That Timothy was alive after 1723 is evidenced by his signing a deed in 1730.