Person:Tiberius Gracchus the Elder (1)

Tiberius Gracchus the Elder _____
b.Abt 217 BC
d.154 BC
  1. Sempronia _____, sister of the Gracchi170 - Aft 101
  2. Tiberius Gracchus _____Bet 168 & 163 - 133
  3. Gaius Gracchus _____154 - 121
Facts and Events
Name Tiberius Gracchus the Elder _____
Gender Male
Marriage to Cornelia Africana _____
Death[1] 154 BC
Birth[1] Abt 217 BC
Reference Number? Q443505?

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Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus (c. 217 BC – 154 BC) was a Roman politician of the 2nd century BC. He served as consul twice, in 177 and 163 BC. Tiberius is also noteworthy as the father of the two famous 'Gracchi' popularis reformers, Tiberius and Gaius.

Tiberius was of plebeian status and was a member of the well-connected gens Sempronia, a family of ancient Rome. Tiberius was the son of Publius Sempronius Gracchus, apparently the younger brother of the two-time consul and general Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus (killed 212 BC). His paternal grandfather was also a consul in 238 BC. His mother's identity is not known.

His father was not the same Publius Sempronius Gracchus who served as tribune of the plebs in 189 BC. Instead his father had possibly died during the Second Punic War, since no further references exist to him.

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