Person:Thomas Ward (48)

Thomas Ward
b.bef. 1706
m. bef. 1726
  1. Maj. Edward Wardabt 1726 - 1793
Facts and Events
Name[3] Thomas Ward
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1706
Marriage bef. 1726 to Widow Croghan
  1.   Margaret Pearson Bothwell. The Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine: Edward Ward Trail Blazing Pioneer. (Pennsylvania, June 1960), Vol. 43, June 1960, Number 2.

    George Croghan was a mature man when he came to America from Dublin, Ireland, in 1741. 4 Nicholas B. Wainwright wrote that George Croghan and Edward Ward, his "trusted half-brother," and perhaps their mother, and possibly Edward's father (whose given name he believed was 'Thomas') 6, together with a cousin, Thomas Smallman, and Roger Walton, "Croghan's Irish clerk," lived together for a few years, up to 1751, in "the community which Croghan had created beside the Conedogwinet creek" in Pennsborough township, Cumberland County.
    Footnote 6: This conjecture seems very well founded. A "Thomas Ward," an Indian trader, was, on occasion, present with George Croghan when treaty negotiations were
    being carried on with the Six Nation Indians and other Indians. One of the instances in which he was mentioned as being present is in Colonial Records,
    5, p. 532.

  2.   Hazard, Samuel. Pennsylvania Archive. First Series. (Philadelphia: Printed by Joseph Severns & Co., 1853), Vol. II, pg. 14.


    Indian Traders Lycensed from 10th Aug 1747 to 10th Aug 1748.
    1. Lazarus Lowry
    2. George Croghan
    3. Thos Meagee
    4. Hugh Crawford
    5. Alexander Moorhead
    6. John Frazier
    7. James Lowry
    8. Peter Sheaver
    9. John Galbreath

    Indian Traders unlycened from 10th Aug 1747 to 10 Aug 1748.

    John Finley
    Robert Desap
    John Potts, at Harris's in Pextang; J. Warder
    Paul Pearce, Pennsboro Manor; J. Warder, yts
    John Owen, Rob. Dunnings, E. Ship. & Levy, 2 yts
    Dennis Sullivant, Donegale, E. Ship
    Samuel Cozens, Jno. Harris, J.Warder, 3 yts
    Adam Hoops, whiskey kegg maker for E.S.
    William Blythe, Shippensburg
    Francis Cammell, do. Ed. Shippen,
    Thomas Kenton, Logan Edgil
    David Hendricks, Manor
    John Galbreath, Donegal
    Charles Williams, Thos M'Gee
    Francis Water, Dongal, Shippen & Levy
    Hugh Parker, Arent Puro, 1 year
    Tho Meener
    Sam'l Chambers, with Thos KensonW
    William Powell, by MeGeeW
    Peter Corbie, DonegalW
    John Gray, for himself
    James Butler
    Thomas Ward
    Thos Burney, if he puts,
    Thomas Mitchel, J. Warder
    John Lee
    James Denney
    Jos Cammil, Morehead,
    James Silver }
    & }
    For Richard Peters, Esq. Secretary,
    Indian traders to be lycensed by the President & Council, 10th Aug. 1748"

  3. Indian trader