Person:Thomas Tulloch (21)

Thomas Tulloch
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Tulloch
Gender Male
Birth? 10 Nov 1789 North Ronaldshay, Orkney, Scotland

"The next burst of activity by the Press-gang occurred three years before Waterloo (1812), when three more men were taken away to the wars. They were ... Thomas Tulloch, Garso... All three were drafted to the navy and were said to have been locked up in the storehouse of Hower overnight to ensure that they would be ready for the vessel which was to collect them. Of the three only Thomas Tulloch survived his active service... When Tom Tulloch never returned home after the War, he was assumed lost so the island's Bailie - "Beyle" - as recompense offered Peter, Tom's youngest brother, any holding in the island. He would not accept the offer as it would have caused the displacement of some family but he always remained on very favourable terms with the Beyle and his family ever afterwards." - A Window on NOrth Ronaldsay, Peter Tulloch, page 173