Person:Thomas Taber (12)

Thomas Taber
b.Jan 1778 London, England
m. 22 Nov 1768
  1. John Taber1768 - 1816
  2. Sarah Taber1774 -
  3. Thomas Taber1778 - 1842
  4. George Taber, Srabt 1781 - 1855
  5. Unknown Taborabt 1781 -
  6. W Tabor1786 -
  • HThomas Taber1778 - 1842
  • WSusan Groomafter 1781 - 1853
m. 7 Oct 1805
  1. Thomas Taber1806 - 1879
  2. Richard Taber1806 - 1806
  3. Susan Taber1809 - 1840
  4. William Taber1811 - 1898
  5. James Taber1812 - 1902
  6. John Taber1814 - bef 1822
  7. Henry Taber1816 - 1827
  8. Eliza Taber1818 - 1854
  9. Mary Ann Taber1821 - 1914
  10. John Taber1823 - 1858
  11. Alexander Taber1825 - 1873
Facts and Events
Name[18] Thomas Taber
Alt Name[20] Thomas Alexander Taber
Gender Male
Birth[1][22] Jan 1778 London, England
Marriage 7 Oct 1805 St. Bartholomew the Great, London, Englandby Owen Perrot Edwardes, rector
to Susan Groom
Residence[24] 14 Apr 1809 - 1825 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
Occupation[3][14][23] 1813 - 1825 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, EnglandJeweller; 29 Compton Street
Residence[8] 6 Dec 1818 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England20 Bath Buildings, City Road
Residence[9] 3 Mar 1822 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England6 Queen Street, Goswell Street
Residence[13][26] 1825 - 1830 Camberwell, London, England
Residence[12] 11 Apr 1830 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England33 Bartholomew Close
Immigration[15] 22 Jun 1830 London, London, EnglandThe Hibernia, Old Line/Black Ball Line, Ship Master John Cunningham, Docked at Pier 25, South Street Seaport
Residence[4][6][27] 1831-1842 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States9th Ward
Occupation[6][7] 1831 - 1842 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesJeweller, 216½ Bleeker
Occupation[2][5] 1837 - 1840 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesJeweller; 52½ Carmine & 319 Hudson
Occupation[5][6] 1837 - 1838 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesConfectioners. After her husband's death, Susan Taber is listed as Confections, while her son James is listed as Confectioner
Other[11] 1839 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesAuthor of Article on Gemstones
Census[4] 1840 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesAge 60-70
Death[1][10][19] 9 Apr 1842 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States52 1/2 Carmine Street, Cause of Death: Consumption; NY Herald indicates a death date of 10 Apr 1842
DNA[17] 12 Mar 2014 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesThis Thomas Taber line shares a common male ancestor with the John Taber (1721-1769) line
Burial[7][19] Bedford Street Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery, Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
Image Gallery
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    gender: Male
    death date: 09 Apr 1842
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    age: 64
    birth date: 1778
    birthplace: England
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    1 male under 5 - Thomas Biggars Taber (3) [Thomas jr's son]
    2 males 15-20 - John Taber (17), Alexander Taber (15)
    3 males 20-30 - William Taber (29), James Taber (abt 28) Thomas Linthwaite (24)
    1 male 30-40 - Thomas Taber jr (34)
    1 male 60-70 - Thomas Taber, Sr. (62)

    1 female under 5 - Emma Taber (1) [Thomas jr's daughter]
    1 female 10-15 - Sarah Taber (10) [Thomas jr's daughter]
    2 females 15-20 - Mary Ann Taber (19), Unknown
    1 female 20-30 - Eliza Taber (21)
    1 female 40-50 - Unknown, this does not fit Thomas, Sr.'s wife, Susan Taber's (58) however, mistakes in age were often made in census reports. It is likely that this does refer to her.

    Supposition: Sarah Ann would have been pregnant with Benjamin Charles who was born Aug 1840 in Somerville, NJ. It is likely that she was out of town at this time.

    Extract of Thomas Taber in 1840 New York census
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    Died: On Sunday, April 10, instant, in the 64 year of his age, Thomas Taber

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  11. Art. X. -- Practical Remarks on Gems, especially on some of those found in the United States; in a letter addressed to C. A. Lee, M. D., and by him communicated for insertion in this Journal; by Thomas Taber, a practical Jeweller., in American Journal of Science and Arts. (New Haven, Connecticut: S. Converse, 1820-1846), Vol 38, pp 61-68, 1839-40.

    Partial Transcription:

    "Dear Sir,--The following remarks relate principally to the second class of Gems, of which many localities in our own and neighboring states furnish no despicable supply. I have received a number of choice specimens from Chester County, Penn., which locality and its vicinity may be said literally to abound with those I am about to enumerate; many of them, which I have had cut and polished, would not suffer in comparison, with some of the highly prized European and Asiatic gems--productions of the same family.


    "Remarks.--We are happy to become acquainted with the experience of a sensible practical man like Mr. Taber, and to learn from him the state of this comparatively infant branch of manufacture among us, and especially in New York. ... --Eds."

    American Journal of Science and Arts, Vol. XXXVIII-April,1840 Table of Contents Page 61 by Thomas Taber, jeweller
  12. Alexander Taber's Baptismal Record.

    Residence at time of baptismal was 33 Bartholomew Close

  13. Susan Groom Taber's Death Notice.

    On Friday, July 29, Mrs. Susan Taber, relict of the late Thomas Taber, of Camberwell, England, aged 71 years.

  14. Thomas Taber, in Johnstone's London commercial guide and street directory. (London, England: Barnard and Farley, 1817), pg 135 / 136, 1817.

    Compton Street -- Clerkenwell.
    Length 302 yards. -- No. of Houses 77.
    29 Taber, Thomas, Jeweller & silversmith

    Compton Street, Clerkenwell entries in Johnstone's London Commercial Guide and Street Directory, 1817, pg 135-136
  15. NY Passenger Lists 1820 - 1850.

    According to The N.Y. Annual Register of 1831, The Hibernia Packet Ship originated from Liverpool. It was part of the Black Ball Line, also called the Old Line. Besides originating in Liverpool, there was also a separate London/New York Service. (Source: "Square-riggers On Schedule", Page 44,1938, by Robert G. Albion.) The two advertisements for The Old Line below appeared on 23 June 1830 in the Mourning Courier and New York Enquirer. One is for the Liverpool/New York Line and the other is for the London/New York Line. The Hibernia, although it was part of the Liverpool Line was used on the London Line. According to the ad, it left London on the 25th of May and stopped at Portsmouth, England. From this information, the Taber Family would have left London on the 25th of May, for a 28 day voyage.

    This "Black Baller" would have been similar to The Hibernia. The Hibrenia was built by Brown & Bell. It launched in 1830 and was taken out of service in 1837. It weighed 551 tons, was 132'long, and had a Beam 30'10" high. The Depth of its Hold was 15' 10". Westbound Passage Days: 36-Average, 24-Short, 50-Longest. (Source: "Square-riggers On Schedule," Page 280, 1938, by Robert G. Albion)

    The New York Annual Register 1831 Packet Ship Lines Advertisement for The Hibernia Advertisement for London-New York Service Hibernia Ship's Passenger List Hibernia Arrival 22 June 1830 A Black Baller Passing the Battery, 1829 An Incoming Black Baller Passing the Battery, 1829 NYC Docks 1830 Packet Row 1828
  16.   St Barthomomew the Great Marriage Register, Oct 1805.
    Marriage Record for Thomas Taber & Susan Groom
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    37 Marker Y-DNA Analysis: 4th Cousins from this Thomas Taber (1778-1842) line share a 34/37 match between each other, and a 34/37 match with a 6th or 7th cousin in the John Taber (1721-1769) line.

  18. Middlesex Sessions.

    Source:Source: Sessions papers, Justices' Working Documents, May 1779, LL ref: LMSMPS507120063,

    William Taber and Hannah Gibbons are speculative parents of Thomas Taber, based upon this Order of Removal.

    Middlesex Sessions May 1779 Transcription Order of Removal
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    Event Type: Death
    Event Date: 09 Apr 1842
    Event Place: Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
    Address: 527 Carmine
    Gender: Male
    Age: 64
    Marital Status: Unknown
    Birth Year (Estimated): 1778
    Birthplace: England
    Cemetery: Meth Ep
    GS Film Number: 447550

    Thomas Taber Death Notice, New York Herald, 12 Apr 1842, pg 3, col 2 Thomas Taber Death Record
  20. The name Thomas Alexander Taber is found in grandson Clarence Wilbur Taber's Genealogy, self-published November 1, 1952. The middle name, "Alexander" has not been found in any documents.
  21.   As there were only two listings for Taber, Jewelers in the 1838 – 1839 edition of Longworth's City Directory for NYC, Thomas Taber and Thomas Taber, Jr., and the Thomas Taber family is listed on the 1840 NYC Census, the assumption is that the following article was written by this Thomas Taber, Jeweler: "Practical Remarks on Gems, especially on some of those found in the United States,” by Thomas Taber (The American Journal of Science and Arts, VOL. XXXVIII, April 1840, Chapter X). In response to the article, the journal’s editors make reference to the fact that Thomas Taber is in New York. They add, "We are happy to become acquainted with the experience of a sensible practical man like Mr. Taber, and to learn from him the state of this comparatively infant branch of manufacture among us, and especially in New York." In addition, Thomas Taber’s article states that he has obtained "choice specimens from Chester County, Penn." It also describes jewelry-making practices in England: "In England, when making a present of a ring or brooch, they have a delicate way of expressing a sentiment, that of arranging the stones in setting, so as to spell a word, name, or a sentence; ...." He mentions being in England: "I remember also to have seen it when in England ...." His article also refers to European jewelry practices, gems of Scotland, coats of arms and the use of gems in scripture. He writes poetically about gemstones "... the dead yellow of which forms a pleasing contrast with its bright and agreeable green. Having a vitreous lustre …" He is a learned and articulate writer: "This was worn by the ancients as an amulet against intoxication"; "sunlight and heat are very injurious to its beauty, by causing it to fade, apparently extracting its color, and diminishing its lustre, as exposure for any length of time in a window has fully proved." And he knows how to create visual contrasts with jewelry materials, "... [the piece] shows a beautiful play of colors when set in clusters ..." The reference to Chester County, PA points to his close relationship with Thomas Taber, Jr. as he is known to have resided in Chester, Pa., some time between 1836 and 1837, then to have returned to NYC.,+jeweller&hl=en&sa=X&ei=W3A1UZbMFcvMqQHf6oGYAQ&ved=0CDoQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=Thomas%20Taber%2C%20jeweller&f=false
  22. According to grandson Clarence Wilbur Taber's Genealogy self published November 1, 1952, Thomas Taber was born in London, England.
  23. On speculating why this Thomas Taber branch was no longer found in the Kent London directories past 1825 (but prior to their 1830 removal to New York), a search was made for them in "The Bankrupt Directory: Being a Complete Register of All the Bankrupts, with Their Residences, Trades, and Dates when they appeared in the London Gazette; from December 1820 to April 1843." There are NO Taber surnames listed in this directory. A likely explanation for the absence of Thomas Taber, jeweller after 1825 in Kent's London Directory is that wanted to save money to emigrate and thus gave up the rent on this building. He moved his shop to a neighboring town. Pigot's & Co. Directories had separate directories for neighboring towns within twelve miles of London. As the family was known to have moved to Camberwell, the 1826 - 1829 Pigot's were consulted. Thomas Taber, jeweller is not found there. Without any indication of where he moved his shop to, it would be burdensome at this time to search through all the separate trade directories for Thomas Taber, jeweller.
  24. Children's baptisms from Susan to Mary Ann Taber as well as directory listings.
  25.   Thomas Taber, Jr, age 23 at the time of immigration is missing from the Hibernia Ship's Passenger List. Thomas, Jr was married at this time. According to family history, he came to the U.S. separately.
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