Place:Bedford Street Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery, Manhattan, New York, New York, United States

NameBedford Street Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery
Located inManhattan, New York, New York, United States     (1810 - 1851)
Also located inNew York, New York, United States    
"The church was on the southeast corner of Beford St. & Morton St. in Manhattan. In 1913, the church was condemned and the bodies were removed to a memorial at the Mount Olivet Cemetery on November 13, 1913." - Find A Grave
"The Bedford Street Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1805. Its church was erected in 1810 and remained at Bedford Street until 1913. That year, New York City condemned the church building and extended Seventh Avenue directly through the property.
"On 3 October 1913, the New York Times reported that 'several hundred dead are interred in the old vaults beneath the church edifice ... no records have been preserved of the names of those buried there, but it is known they include many well-known residents of early Greenwich... the church organization now is making arrangements to buy a plot, probably in Mount Olivet Cemetery... a large memorial monument will be erected.'
"The congregation celebrated its last sermon on 23 November 1913 and was subsequently absorbed by the Metropolitan-Duane United Methodist Church.
"This church was also known as the Greenwich Village Methodist Episcopal Church." - Inskeep, Carolee. The Graveyard Shift: A Family Historian's Guide to New York Cemeteries, (Orem, Utah:, Inc, 2000) pp 15-16.

Original Location

Southeast corner of Bedford St & Morton St in Manhattan

Current Location

Mount Olivet Cemetery

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