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Thomas Spicer
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Name Thomas Spicer
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There are two christening records for a Thomas Spicer, both in the year 1591. One dated 3 Feb is from Exeter, Devon, Kent England, and identifies the father as Christopher Spicer. The other dated 22 October, is from Barfreeston, Kent, England, and identifies the parents as Nicholas Spicer and Martha Grant. These records seem to be used by different authors to identify the DOB and parents of Thomas Spicer of Gravesend, but there seems to be nothing that independently connects him to either christening record.


It has been well known for a long time that Thomas Spicer's daughter, Ann Spicer, married John Lake of Gravesend. In 2005, research established that John and Ann (Spicer) Lake were the parents of Martha who married first Obadiah Wilkins and second John Griggs. Thus, Martha (Lake) (Wilkins) Griggs may have been named in honor of Martha (Grant) Spicer or an intermediate namesake. For more information, please see:

An unverified timeline

03 FEB 1591 Father: CHRISTOPHER SPICER Exeter, Devon, England IGI Christening record.
22 OCT 1591 parents: NICHOLAS SPICER & MARTHA GRANT. Barfreeston, Kent IGI Christening record; Parish Registry for Barfreston, Kent.
4 Feb 1626 marriage to ANN GRANT St Marys, Sandwich, Kent, England. IGI
two children by Ann
c1629-1634 estimated death of Ann based on marriage in 1626, two children, 2 years apart, first born one year after marriage gives 1629 as earliest DOD, but more likely she died in 1634, and Thomas remarried soon thereafter
5 Feb 1635 re-Marriage to Michall widow of John Jenkins; will dated 9/30/1658 identifies wife as ? Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts IGI;
1636 Had home Newport Rhode Island McMillan 1956
April 13, 1639 We whose names are underwritten doe acknowledge ourselves the legal subjects of his majestie King Charles, and in his name doe herebye bind ourselves into a civill body politicke, unto his laws according to matters of justice."; Thomas Spicer, Signatory
first of ye 5th month, 1639At a quarter meeting Thomas Spicer and Robert Potter are chosen surveyors for ye highways
1642"chosen by election Treas'r of Portsmouth for one whole year." Portsmouth McMillan 1956; Rhode Island Colonial Records, Vol. I, 1636-
"1st of ye 8th month 1638,included in list of "persons admitted to be inhabitants of the Island now called Aquidneck, having submitted themselves to the government that is or shall be establishedAquidneck
July 16, 1638,signed contract with Nicholas Eaton of Newport. Newport
1639admitted an inhabitant of NewportNewport("Narragansett Hist. and Gen. Register.")
16th day of March, 1641listed in the Court Roll of Freemen elected , Mr. Wm. Coddington Gov.
c1642 Settled in Schraggs Neck with John Throckmorton
1643 relocated to New Amsterdam due to Indian Attack on Throg's Neck New Amsterdam
1643 patentee Gravesend McMillan 1956
July 8th, 1644, Mr Moor vs. Mr. Spycer in a case of attachment on a boat belonging to Peter Lourenson and Mr. Grockrnorten, Lourenson is condemned to deliver the bark to Mr Spycer agreably to the power of attorney on condition that the latter give security for the value of the vessel, in case Mr. Moor hereafter prove that "the owner is indebted to him, when the money must be returned.Court Proceedings at Manhattan on file at. Albany, New York, Office Sect'y of State, Vol. II, pp. 119, "Narragansett Hist. Register," Vol. VIII, page 250.)
1645. patentees Gravesend
Feb. 20, 1646 allotted a plantation in second division of Gravesend Gravesend Source:Bergen, 1881
c. Dec 17, 1646, Living in Flatlands when driven from Gravesend by the Indians; Flatlands Source:Bergen, 1881
Aug. 6, 1654, buys lot 20 from BEET, WILLIAM, Gravesend Source:Bergen, 1881
i1656 among the free-holders of the town may be found the names of Samuel Spicer, Jacob Spicer, and Thomas Spicer, who were probably sonsof Thomas Spicer of Gravesend, having then grown to manhood and there settled. New Jersey?John Clement's "First Settlers in Newton Township, New Jersey," pp. 293-300.)
Aug. 6, 1654,He bought of William Best, plantation lot No. 20.Gravesend
1657 listed as having 9 morgens of land in tillageGravesend.
1658 Magistrate Gravesend Source:Bergen, 1881
September 30, 1658, will written Gravesend Source:Bergen, 1881
November 4, 1658. will proved; devises his real estate to his wife and sons, subject to legacies to his daughters Gravesend Source:Bergen, 1881
1663 Michal, wife of Thomas Spicer died she was supposedly of Brooklyn, Kings, New York


The following is quoted from "History of the Descendants of Peter Spicer", p. 8-10. (Segments in quotes were apparently taken from various early records.)

" It is ordered that John Porter and Thomas Spicer shall receive from ye inhabitants of ye lastly purchased meddows, their monies for the year and bring it to ye Town.

"In 1640 Thomas Spicer one of those chosen to layout the lands for the town of Portsmouth."

Thomas had wife Michal and had son Samuel born in New England prior to 1640.

Father: **Nicholas Spicer b: ABT 1545 in Barfreston, Kent, England Mother: **Martha Grant b: 1560

Marriage 1 *Ann Grant b: OCT 1605 in England Married: 4 FEB 1625 in Sandwich, Kent, England Children

*Anne Spicer b: 1632 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA

Marriage 2 Michael Ann Jenkins b: ABT 1607 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY Married: 5 FEB 1635 in Canterbury, England

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