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Thomas Scudder
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Name Thomas Scudder
Gender Male


Brief Biography

Thomas Scudder was probably born in Kent, England. The Rev. Henry Scudder identified his brother as Thomas with wife Elizabeth as living in New England in his will of 1651; Rev. Scudder is otherwise known to have had extensive property in the area of Darenth, Kent County. Thomas is thought to have owned property in the nearby community of Horton Kirby. It seems likely that both Henry and Thomas were born in this area.

Thomas married Elizabeth whose last name is unknown. Some have identified her as either Elizabeth "Somers" or Elizabeth "Lowers", sister of John Somers/Lowers of Darenth, Kent County, but that person seems to have been the wife of Henry Scudder the clerk. The names of the children of the later couple are similar to those known for Thomas Scudder of Salem, based on his will, but are not identical. On that basis it is concluded that Thomas' wife is not likely to be the sister of John Somers/Lowers. Given the proximity of Derenth, where John Somers/Lowers lived, to Horton Kirby, it would seem likely that Henry Scudders the clerk is in fact closely related to Thomas Scudders and to the Rev. Henry Scudder.
Darenth =red dot, Horton Kirby=Green dot; both in Kent County
Darenth =red dot, Horton Kirby=Green dot; both in Kent County

Thomas emigrated to America in 1635 during the Great Migration. He was accompanied by his wife Elizabeth, and children, all of whom had been born in England. The family settled in Salem, Massachusetts. Thomas died there in 1657. In 1645 Thomas, his wife Elizabeth, their sons and daughter Elizabeth are identified as living in New England in the will of his brother, the Reverend Henry Scudder. The provisions in Rev. Scudder's will suggest that he was from Daranth in Kent County, southwest England, and it is assumed that Thomas came from that same area as well.

Personal Data

Father:Henry Scudder
DOB:c1600based on unverified DOBs for his children, eldest of who is said to have been born in 1622.
POB:Horton Kirby, KentHe and brother Rev. Henry Scudder are believed to have both owned land their, and had other tiees to the area (See Source:Scudder, 1989
DOD:c1657 will dated 30 Sep 1657 in Salem, MA, proven 29 Jun 1658
POD:Salem Mass
Spouse:Elizabeth 1586-1665See Wife of Person:Thomas Scudder (6)
DOM:c1610based on DOB of eldest son William, bc1612


Children:VitaSpouseDispersion and notes
Children listed in Thomas' will probated 1658
William Scudder 1612-1650Penelope b. Kent, Eng., Probably child of Henry Scudder and Elizabeth Lower
John Scudder 1616-1685 Mary King daughter of William Kingb. Kent, Eng.
Person:Thomas Scudder (5) 1622-1690 Mary Ludlam (?-after 1686b. Kent, Eng., in Southold by 1651, Huntington by 1657, dying in Huntington 14 Nov 1690; Will written 7 Dec 1686, proved 22 Oct 1691.
Henry Scudder 1626-1661Catherine Esty, dau of Jeffrey Esty..b. Kent, Eng., d Huntington,
Elizabeth Scudder 1622-1682Henry Bartholomewb. Kent, Eng.
Unconfirmed Children.*
Martha Scudder b. Kent, Eng. Probably child of Henry Scudder and Elizabeth Lower
*See Wife of Person:Thomas Scudder (6) for explanation


Elizabeth is named in the Salem Church List of 1640. She d. in 1666.

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