Person:Thomas Sanford (1)

Thomas Sanford
d.Aft 1721
m. Bef 1637
  1. Sarah SanfordEst 1638 -
  2. Ezekiel SanfordAbt 1640 - Abt 1682
  3. Mary Sanford1641/42 -
  4. Samuel Sanford1643 - 1691
  5. Thomas Sanford1644 - Aft 1721
  6. Ephraim Sanford1646 - Bef 1687
  7. Elizabeth Sanford1648 -
m. 11 Oct 1666
  1. Samuel Sanford1668 - 1748
  2. Elizabeth Sanford1671 - Bef 1705
  3. Thomas Sanford1673 - 1673
  4. Anna Sanford1674/75 -
  5. Thomas Sanford1677 - 1713
  6. William Sanford1679 -
  7. Sarah Sanford1682 -
  8. Abigail Sanford1684/85 - 1684/85
  9. John Sanford1686 - 1766
Facts and Events
Name[1] Thomas Sanford
Gender Male
Christening[1][3] Dec 1644 Milford, New Haven, Connecticut, United StatesFirst Congregational Society
Marriage 11 Oct 1666 New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United Statesto Elizabeth Payne
Death[2] Aft 1721


'Thomas Sanford, Jr. ... was a freeman in 1669 and was allotted land in 1680. The allotments were determined by the number of heads in the family and the amount of taxable estate, four acres being given for each head and one acre for each £5 of taxable property. He having seven in his family and a taxable estate of £59 and 10s. received forty acres. In the drawing, his lots fell on the east side of the East River in what was first called North Farms, afterward Parish of North Haven and in 1786 became the town of North Haven.

'In 1721 he deeded forty acres to his son Samuel, two pieces to his grandson William, and to his son John all his estate personal and real, wherein the son John agreed to well, comfortably and honorably maintain "me and my wife so long as we shall live and give a comely and decent burial to our bodies, and to pay at my death to my daughter Anna Abbot £4, to my daughter Sarah Beach £5 and to my granddaughter Elizabeth Huminston £8". Mr. Sanford left no will nor is there any record of his death.'[4]

Disputed Second Marriage

Carlton Sanford, in Thomas Sanford, the Emigrant to New England attributes a second wife to Thomas Sanford, Elizabeth "Gibbard"[4], without providing any evidence or citing any source. This second wife is not mentioned in Savage[5], nor in Jacobus[2], and it appears that there is no reason to suppose that Thomas Sanford had more than one wife.

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