Person:Thomas Rose (14)

Thomas Rose
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Rose
Gender Male
Marriage 16 Sep 1680 to
Death[1] Aft 20 Nov 1743 Preston, New London, Connecticut, United States
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    I, Thomas Rose of Preston, ...Conn. at present through the goodness and forbearance of Almighty God being in the enjoyment of a sound mind and understanding tho surrounded with the infirmities of old age being warned by a late weakness of ye uncertainty of human life and remembering that I must not expect to live much longer in this troublesome and uncertain state I do make and ordain this my last will and testament ....

    Imprimis. To my dear and well beloved wife I give and bequeath all the Household goods now in my possession together with 2 cows and a black mare.

    Item. To my beloved Daughters Joanna Avery, Dorcas Bellows, Deborah Patrige, Mary Pelton, Damaris Gates, Elizabeth Killam as also be the heirs of Hannah Sterry and Sarah Killam Deceased I have paid their full and sufficient portion.

    Further more the Heirs of my son Thomas Rose Deceased have had ye whole portion excepting as hereafter expressed.

    Item. To my beloved son Joseph Rose, I give and bequeath all my medow land lying on the North side of Paucatann River or Brook and also all my movable Estate now in the hands of my son-in-law Samuel Patridge as also Four Hundred pounds money which accord to me by ye sale of some my Land together with its Interest the sole on of wc to be to my executor until the Decease of my Beloved wife and yt of the Interest or principal remains to be equally divided among my six Daughters Joanna, Dorkas, Deborah, Mary, Damerias and Elizabeth my just debts and funeral expenses p’d out of the same and I do hereby revoke ... as witnesseth my hand and seal this twentieth day of November 1743.


    Ebenezer Punderson
    Humphrey Avery } Witnesses
    William Avery
    (Appointed son Joseph Executor)

    Two witnesses testified May 29, 1744, Wm. & Humphrey Avery.
    New London Probate Records.

  2.   LAND:
    --Preston Deeds 4:395 Thomas Gates Senr of Preston for £6 my loving son Thomas Rose Junr of ye same Preston ... all my right unto all my Devision of common Lands within ye township of Preston ... 27 Apr 1719. Signed: Thomas Gates. Witnesses: Thomas Rose Senr, Elisabeth Safford. Ack: Groton 17 Apr 1721. Ent: 15 Apr 1728.
    --Preston Deeds 4:641 Thomas Rose of Preston .... For ye naturall Love ... my Loving Son Thomas Rose Junr of Preston ... do give ... certain tract of land in Preston ... comes to Norwich town line .... Formerly corner of ye old farm I purchased of Nathaniell Parke ... 7 Apr 1731. Signed: Thomas Rose. Witnesses: Samll Sterry, Cyprian Sterry. Ack: Preston 8 Apr 1731. Ent: 9 Apr 1731.
    --Preston Deeds 4:629 Thomas Rose for £350 paid by my son Joseph Rose conveyed unto Joseph Rose ... it being part of that farm which I Now live on ... corner of Samuell Killom's line ... containing all ye Lands which I have obtained by Gift Grant or purchase lying on ye southward side of Pacatannuck River ... 18 Mar 1729/30. Signed; Thomas Rose. Witnesses: Christr. Avery Junr., John Morgan. Ack: 30 Apr 1730. Ent: 17 Mar 1730/31.
    --Preston Deeds 4:735 Thomas Rose Junr for a valuable sum by me already received paid by my Honored Father Mr. Thomas Rose ... quit claim all my right ... North side of Pauchauge River which Land was part of that Land my father bought of Nathaniell Parke and my fathers first division of Lands in ye Commons which is 50 Acres which I had formerly of my father Thomas Rose ... 12 Feb 1732. Signed: Thomas Rose Junr. Witnesses: Samll Sterry, Robert Sterry. Ack: 20 Jul 1732. Ent: 28 Jul 1732.