Person:Thomas Pillow (3)

Thomas Lloyd Pillow
b.30 Mar 1871 , , Pennsylvania, USA
m. 7 Jun 1870
  1. David A Pillow1869 -
  2. Thomas Lloyd Pillow1871 -
m. 1896
  1. John Crawford Pillow1897 - 1970
  2. Madge Porter Pillow1898 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Lloyd Pillow
Gender Male
Birth? 30 Mar 1871 , , Pennsylvania, USA
Residence? 1880 Tarentum, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage 1896 to Marjory Davis Porter
Residence? 1900 Allegheny City, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Residence? 1910 Allegheny, Pittsburgh, PA
Residence? 1910 Pittsburgh Ward 26, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Residence? 1920 Pittsburgh Ward 26, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Residence? 1930 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Residence? 1945 Pinellas, Florida

Other researcher online lists father as Charles A.,born about 1846. His grandaughter, Patricia A. Pillow, has letter from cousin Margie, that father was Charles born about 1840. Has copy of newspaper interview with Thomas L. in which he is quoted as saying his grandfather was William Pillow, a railroad conductor, of Cheswick/Springdale PA. However, Census records confirm profession, location other details but give birth year as 1846 (consistent in mutiple censuses)which was only about 25 years before T.L.'s birth. Article mentions Archie Pillow. Census records indicate that this was William's father. Did interviewer get it wrong? Charles does not appear as Wm's son in any census records. Charles Pillow appears in 1860 census as 14 yrs old, the son of Thomas and Catharine Pillow, of East Deer, PA a nearby town. Charles M Pillow appears in 1880 census as 34 years old. A mechanical engineer (possibly "wheel works") living in Allegheny (municipality, bourough?),Allegheny county, PA, married to Charlotte Pillow. Thos L Pillow's mother died in 1871 and he was raised by maternal grandparents, the Gillifords. Patricia Pillow never got any story of what happened to Chas. or why he turned over the care of his son to his parents in law. It's not clear that Thos L's children, or Thos himself was ever told what became of his father. Family scandal? What was the relationship to William Pillow and his father, Archie? Cousin and Uncle? Actual father and grandfather?