Person:Thomas Peyton (11)

Capt. Thomas West Peyton
b.1784 Virginia
m. 1783
  1. Capt. Thomas West Peyton1784 - 1820
m. 26 Feb 1811
Facts and Events
Name Capt. Thomas West Peyton
Alt Name Capt. Thomas Hart Peyton
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1784 Virginia
Marriage 26 Feb 1811 Alexandria, Virginiato Sophia Matilda Dundas
Death[1] 1820

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - Morris vs. Hepburn--O. S. 224; N. S. 79--Bill, 1812. Orator is Edmund Morris of Cabell County. On 7th September, 1782, William Morris and Joseph Childers made an entry in Montgomery County for 400 acres and obtained patent 23d March, 1792. William Morris died testate, devising the land to be sold to pay debts and surplus to be divided between children, viz: William Morris, Carrol Morris, John Morris, Jane Hansford, Catherine Venable, wife of Charles Venable, Cynthia, wife of Isaac Noyes. Childers conveyed to Morris's children and they conveyed the whole to orator. On 9th June, 1807, orator and Zackariah F. Estill made entry in Kenawha, one for 50 acres and one for 360 acres on Mud River; received patents. William Hepburn and John Dundres of Alexandria have set up title to the tracts of land under a patent to Mathew Vaughn. Answer by James Hepburn Dundas; Newton Keene and Nancy Moore, his wife; Thomas Peyton and Sophia Matilde, his wife; Eliza Dundas, William Hepburn Dundas, John Dundas, Thomas Dundas, and Henry Thompson Dundas, heirs and representatives of John Dundas, deceased, the three last by Agness Dundas, their mother. Sworn to in Alexandria, 1814. Answer states the lands are included in a patent to Mathew Vaughn, 27th November, 1787, and conveyed to defendants. Deed 13th June, 1809, by William Morris and Polly, his wife; Carrol Morris and Frances, his wife; John Morris and Polly, his wife; John Hansford and Jane, his wife; Charles Venable and Catherine, his wife; Isaac Noyce and Cynthia, his wife; heirs and legatees of William Morris, deceased, all of Kenawha County, to William McComas of Cabell County, 400 acres at second falls of Mud River in Cabell County, patented to Wm. Morris and Joseph Childers, 23d March, 1792. Recorded in Kenawha, 13th June, 1809. Deed 14th April, 1803, by Fleming Cobbs of County Kenawha, attorney for Joseph Childers of Albemarle County to William Morris et als., heirs of William Morris, deceased. Undivided half of 400 acres above. Will of William Morris of Kenawha County dated 22d October, 1802. Wife, Catharine; daughter, Jane Hansford; Catharine Morris, daughter of son William; son, John Carroll; legatees, John Hansford and Charles Venable; daughter, Cynthia; legatees, Job. Martin. Recorded in Kenawha, April, 1803. Survey of 4,967 acres for Mathew Vaughn. Deed 15th January, 1810, by William McComas and Dicey, his wife, of Cabell County to Edmund Morris, 400 acres above. Recorded in Cabell, 16th January, 1810. Jeremiah Ward, aged 92, deposes in Cabell County, 2d December, 1811. Deed 15th October, 1793, by Mathew Vaughn and Mary, his wife, of Goochland to Hepburn and Dundas, 4,967 acres above. Recorded General Court, 18th November, 1793.
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    Vol. 40, No. 3, pg. 230.

    February 28, 1811. Thursday, Page 3. Married on Tuesday evening last (i.e. 26 Feb. 1811), by the Rev. Dr. Muir, Mr. Thomas W. Peyton, Merchant, to Miss Sophia M. Dundas, daughter of John Dundas, Esq., both of this town.