Person:Thomas Morgan (4)

Thomas Morgan, of Machen
m. 1468
  1. Sir Morgan John, of TredegarBef 1465 - Abt 1500
  2. Thomas Morgan, of MachenAbt 1465 - 1538
  3. Philip MorganAbt 1472 -
  4. Elizabeth Morgan1474 - Bef 1501
  5. Jane Morgan1476 -
  6. Elsbeth Morgan1480 -
  7. John Morgan - 1504
  8. Isabella MorganAbt 1480 - 1591
  9. Lewis Morgan1485 -
  10. William Morgan1486 - 1511
  11. Jane Morgan1818 -
m. 1530
  1. Roland Morgan1508 - 1577
  2. Rheinault MorganAbt 1510 -
  3. John MorganAbt 1512 -
  4. Edmond MorganAbt 1514 - Bef 1595
  5. Margred Morgan1516 -
  6. Barbara MorganAbt 1518 -
  7. John Morgan1519 - 1592
  8. Maud MorganAbt 1520 -
  9. Jane MorganAbt 1522 -
  10. Constance MorganAbt 1524 -
  11. Mary MorganAbt 1526 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Thomas Morgan, of Machen
Alt Name[1] Thomas ap Morgan
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1465 Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales[based on age 68 in 1534 deposition]
Other[1] 1517 Walesrewarded with the duke's red and black livery cloth
Marriage 1530 Machen, Monmouthshire, Walesto Elizabeth Vaughan
Other? Jan 1534 Walesage 68 - gave deposition
Death[1] 27 Jul 1538 Machen, Monmouthshire, Walesage 73 -

Research Notes

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    p 420 -
    ... Together with his father's brother, Thomas Morgan of Machen, John Morgan continued to be active in the duke's administration during the following decade, being rewarded, like his uncle Thomas, with the duke's red and black livery cloth in 1517. (99) ... Following the execution of Edward, duke of Buckingham on 17 May 1521 and the seizure of his estates by the Crown, the royal commissioners who surveyed his lands reported that the stewardship of Newport had lately been occupied by John Morgan, the king's servant, a substantial young man of L100 in lands and Thomas Morgan, his uncle, a sad gentleman and also of good substance (100). In another report, apparently written at about the same time, the royal commissioners noted that as John Morgan, esquire, now admitted the king's servant, and Thomas Morgan, had since the duke's death discreetly administered justice and kept the people in right commendable order, the commissioners had deputed them their lieutenants in the stewardship of the lordship, and allowed them a joint fee of L13 6x 8d. (101) However, as already noted, Sir William Morgan was granted the chief stewardship of the lordships of Newport (Wentloog) and Machen on 12 Jan 1522 with a fee of L13 6s 8d. Sir William's appointment was probably unwelcome to John Morgan, and particularly to Thomas Morgan of Machen, who deposed in January 1534 that he and Sir William had always been enemies. (102) ...

    p 421 -
    ... Next to the Morgans of Pencoed and the Morgans of Tredegar, the most prominent branch of the Morgan family in Gwent in the early sixteenth century was the Morgan family of Machen. This branch of the family was founded by Thomas Morgan, a younger brother of Sir Morgan John (d. 1499 or 1500) of Tredegar. Several deeds dating from 1494 onwards to which this Thomas Morgan, also known as Thomas ap Morgan, was a party survive among the Tredegar Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales. (113) As he gave his age as sixty-eight years in a deposition in January 1534, he was probably born about 1465 or 1466. (114) He is probably to be identified with the Thomas Morgan included in a commission made by Jasper, duke of Bedford in March 1486 appointing justices in eyre in the Duchy of Lancaster lordships of Monmouth, Skenfrith, Grosmont, Whitecastle and Ebbw (near Newpor). (115) He was, however, mainly concerned with the administration of Edward, duke of Bukingham's lordships of Newport (Wentloog) and Machen, particularly after the death of his elder brother, Sir Morgan John, and with his own lands in Machen. In 1500 the duke fined him 40s for not performing the duties of coroner of Wentloog, but pardoned the fine in 1504. (116) ... It is doubtful whether he is to be identified with the Thomas ap Morgan who appears as a sewer of the chamber in the lists of those appointed in 1509 to attend Henry VII's funeral and Henry VIII's coronation. (118) ... [more] ...

    p 422 -
    ... He died at Machen on 27 July 1538, his heir being his eldest son Rowland. (128) ...