Person:Thomas Marshall (90)

Thomas Marshall
m. Bef 1640
  1. Hannah Marshall1640 - 1699
  2. Samuel Marshall1643 - 1643
  3. Abigail Marshall1644 -
  4. Rebecca Marshall1646/47 -
  5. Thomas Marshall1646/47 - Bef 1650
  6. Elizabeth Marshall1648/49 -
  7. Thomas Marshall1650 -
  8. Susannah Marshall1652 - 1727
  9. Sarah Marshall1654/55 -
  10. Joanna Marshall1657 -
  11. John Marshall1659/60 -
  12. Ruth Marshall1662 -
  13. Mary Marshall1665 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Marshall
Gender Male
Birth[1] 16 Apr 1650 Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Baldwin, Thomas W. Vital Records of Reading, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850. (Boston: Wright & Potter Printing Co., 1912)
    p. 147.

    MARSHALL, Thomas, s. of Thomas, [born] Apr. 16, 1750.
    [Note: Pope, p. 302, does not show the birth in 1650 as belonging to a Thomas (the rather unauthoritative-sounding "Sarah or Susanna", on a different day than the published VRs show for Thomas, copy (6th record right side) agrees with published record, no original online). Pope's authority being unknown, the VRs are used. Source:Essex Genealogist (Massachusetts) (Essex Society of Genealogists), Vol. 16, p. 162, leaves this child out of the family without discussion, apparently on the grounds that Elizabeth b. 22 Jan 1649 would be promoted to 1649/50, and conflict with this birth, plus lack of death record for the twin Thomas b. 1647. Church records show that there were two Thomas Marshalls in Lynn in 1648 and both were granted land in 1647. But no marriage is known for this other Thomas and all other children except this are agreed to belong to Capt. Marshall. The birth record has no labels in the birth record to distinguish between the two possible fathers, suggesting only one Thomas was having children. The conflict can be fixed by different double-dating (which may be reasonable because all we have to refer to is a copy of the record, that may have been made after the switch to new style dates? and we cannot rule out the possibility dates were converted during copying), and it was very common for twins to die as infants. Capt. Marshall left no documents identifying his children, so the correct answer is not obvious.]