Person:Thomas Hilleary (1)

Lt. Col. Thomas Hilleary
m. Bef 1637
  1. Lt. Col. Thomas HillearyAbt 1637 - 1697
  • HLt. Col. Thomas HillearyAbt 1637 - 1697
  • WUnknown _____Est 1632 to 1645 - Bef 1684
m. est 1657-1661
  1. Elizabeth HillearyAbt 1662 -
  2. John Hilleary1662 -
  3. Eleanor Hilleary1664 -
  4. Mary Hilleary1666 -
  5. Frances HillearyAbt 1670 - 1735
  • HLt. Col. Thomas HillearyAbt 1637 - 1697
  • WEleanor SpriggAbt 1669 - 1727/28
m. Abt 1684
  1. Thomas Hilleary, Jr.Bet 1685 & 1686 - 1727
  2. Elizabeth HillearyAbt 1686 - 1727
  3. Verlinda HillearyAbt 1688 -
  4. Tabitha HillearyAbt 1690 -
Facts and Events
Name Lt. Col. Thomas Hilleary
Gender Male
Alt Birth? Abt 1620
Birth? Abt 1637 Danbury, (essex) York, England
Emigration? 1639 Came to the Province of Maryland
Marriage est 1657-1661 Calvert County, Marylandto Unknown _____
Marriage Abt 1684 Calvert County, Marylandto Eleanor Sprigg
Death[1] 1697 Calvert County, Maryland
Alt Death? Abt 1697
Other? Feb 1696/97 Will dated
Other? 15 Mar 1696/97 Will proved

Will and Inventory of Thomas Hilleary

Will of Thomas HILLERY of Calvert County, Maryland:

Will of Thomas HILLERY of Calvert County, Maryland. To wife Ellinor, 250 acres, part of the "Three Sisters." To son John and heirs, 400 acres., part of "Three Sisters." aforesaid. To two grandsons, viz., Baruch and Thomas WILLIAMS, 100 acres. each, part of the "Three Sisters." To two daughters, Mary BERRY and Elisa LYLES, all personal estate formerly belonging to Baruch WILLIAMS. To daughter Frances WILSON, daughters Belinda and Tabitha at 16 years of age, and to son John, personalty. Son Thomas, executor and residuary legatee of personal property. Said son is left in care of Walter SINNS [SIMMS?]. Test: Jno. BOWLEY [BOWLES? BOWLING?], Robt. BROTHERS, Rich'd EVINS. [signed 2 February 1697 and proved 15 March 1697, Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 2 page 130, Wills: 7. 321]
16 Aug 1698: Maryland Prerogative Court Inventories. 19-1/2a:18-9. Calvert County. Thomas HILLEARY. L309.1.0. "This inventory includes items formerly belonging to Baruch WILLIAMS now in the possession of William BERRY. The amount of the inventory is the total for the state." Appraisers: George COLE, John BOWLES. Approvers: Robert LYLES, William MILLS. List of Debts: Mr. George LINGAN, John LEWIS, John BARRETT, Mr. Thomas HOLLYDAY on assignment form William THOMPSON, John COLE, Phillip GITTINGS, Robert JONES, Robert ROBERSON, John COREY. (Skinner...)

About Thomas Hilleary

Planter and High Sheriff of Prince George's Co

Thomas Hilleary the immigrant, came to Maryland in 1639. On May 2, 1661, John Bateman "Demandeth 600 acres for transporting agroup of 12, including Thomas Hilleary." Note: From 1634 until 1641, any settler who transported himself to Maryland and brought certain tools and supplies was given 100 acres for himself and 100 more for each adult he brought to the colony, plus 50 for each child. From 1641 to 1689 the grant was cut inhalf, and after 1689 no more free land was given. Many who were transported came as indentured servants, and repaid the cost of their passage by seven years of service. The employer then owe deach his freedom and 50 acres of land. Hilleary must have been able to pay for his own travel; in 1663 he patented 1,050 acres, which he called "Three Sisters" near the town of Hyattsville in what used to be Calvert Co., but is now Prince George's Co. He also acquired "Branford" and "The Farme", "Three Sister," which became his home was in present day Washington, D.C., originally part of Calvert County.Thomas Hilleary Sr, served as Lt. Colonel in the Calvert County militia (Monnett). In 1696, he was high sheriff of Prince George's County. (newly formed from Calvert in 1695) Hilleary donated land for All Saints Church, an historic old Episcopal church of upper Calvert Co., at present day Sunderland. He died in 1697/98. His will of February 2, 1697/98 proved, March 15, 1697/98, disposed of a large estate children. Young Thomas Jr. was named executor. In the book "Tidewater Maryland Architecture and Gardens, a Sequel to Early Manor and Plantation Houses of Maryland," by Henry Chandlee Forman, 1956: "The Three Sisters - A Mangling and an Amputation - In 1683 Lord Baltimore granted to Thomas Hilleary I a 1,050 acre tract called 'Three Sisters.' On this land, propbably soon after that year was erected the small, wooden, gambrel-roofed dwelling still standing today. This Thomas Hilleary, it may benoted, married Eleanor Sprigg, daughter of Thomas Sprigg I, and half-niece of Governor Thomas Stone. When Thomas Hilleary died in 1697, he left by will to his wife Eleanor, 250 acres of 'Three Sisters,' and to his son John Hilleary another 400 acres of the same property, and to grandsons Baruch and Thomas Williams, tracts of 100 acres each. His daughters were named as follows: Mary Berry, Elizabeth Lyle, Frances Wilson, Verlinda, and Tabitha." (Gov. William Stone's wife was Verlinda Graves.) "Not until some time in the nineteenth century did the housepass from the Hilleary family, and then to their relatives, the Magruders, who until about 1915 lived at that pleasant seat in Prince George's County. The grandson of Thomas Hilleary I, who had the same name, or his great-grandson, Tilghman Hilleary, is reputed to have built 'Mount Pleasant.' It is told that Tilghman Hilleary's son, Washington Hilleary, fought a duel with another man over a ladyat the old duelling grounds at Bladensburg (Maryland), and thatever afterward Washington was lame. About a quarter of a mile southwest of 'The Three Sisters' is the site of another old Hilleary house, destroyed by fire; but there remain two flat slabs marking the graves of Hilearys who were born in the eighteenth century. Still a third Hilleary berth, apparently built before the American Revolution, standsin this area of Prince George's County-but that is another story."

Thomas Hilleary1 (M) d. February 1697 Relationship=8th great-grandfather of Dean Blackmar Krafft. Appears on charts:

    Pedigree for Harold Dean Krafft

    Thomas Hilleary was born at England.1,2 He married Eleanor Sprigg, daughter of Capt. Thomas Sprigg and Eleanor Nuthall, circa 1684.1 Thomas Hilleary died in February 1697 at Prince George's Co, Maryland.1 He left a will on 7 February 1697.1 He THOMAS HILLEARY, planter, b. probably in Norfolk or Suffolk, England; d. in Feb. 1697, in Prince George's Co. in the Province of Maryland, whither he came in 1659-60, as is shown by a land warrant issued by the Provincial Land Office on 2d May, 1661 (Liber 4, page 551). In 1663, Thomas HILLEARY patented a tract of 1050 acres of land, which he called 'Three Sisters,' then situate in Calvert Co. near the present town of Hyattsville, in Prince George's Co., and in 1665 he patented a tract called Brandford. He was High Sheriff of Prince George's Co. in 1696 (deeds P. G. Co. Liber A, folio 12). He was also one of the protestant citizens of Calvert Co. who signed 20th Aug. 1689 (8 Md. Arch. III) a protest to the inhabitants of said County against the surrender of the magazine of arms and the records of the Province to certain parties, and against the calling of an assembly by them before a warrant therefor should be received from King William and Queen Mary. He m. twice; the name of his first wife is unknown, but he m. about 1684 for his second wife, Eleanor SPRIGG, dau. of Capt. Thomas and Eleanor (NUTTHALL) SPRIGG, dau. of John NUTTHALL of Saint Mary's Co., Md. (3d Md. Arch. 303 and 540). Thomas HILLEARY'S second wife survived him and became the wife of her cousin, John NUTTHALL, Jr. (deed in 1701 Prince George's Co. Liber A, folio 357). Thomas HILLEARY left a will dated 7th Feb. 1697, and probated 15th of same month, and recorded in Liber K, folio 321 Provincial Wills of Maryland, whereby he disposed of a large estate. [Colonial Families vol. 2].1 He was Will Probated on 15 February 1697 at Prince George's Co, Maryland.1  

    Children of Thomas Hilleary and Eleanor Sprigg: 

Thomas Hilleary Jr.+ b. 1686, d. bt 15 Mar 1797 - 14 Feb 1799 Verlinda Hilleary b. s 1688 Tabitha Hilleary b. s 1690 Citations

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