Person:Thomas Hardy (1)

Thomas Hardy
b.Abt 1605
  • HThomas HardyAbt 1605 - 1677/78
  • WAnn UnknownBef 1615 - 1689
m. Bef 1635
  1. Thomas HardyCal 1635 - 1715/16
  2. Sarah HardyEst 1641 - 1684
  3. Joseph HardyCal 1643 - 1726/27
  4. Mary HardyEst 1645 - Aft 1685
  5. John HardyCal 1647 - 1714/15
  6. Jacob HardyCal 1649 - 1706
  7. William HardyEst 1651 - Bef 1722/23
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Thomas Hardy
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1605
Emigration[1] 1633
Residence[1] 1633 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage Bef 1635 to Ann Unknown
Residence[1][2] Est 1653 Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Residence[1][2] Est 1663 Bradford, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Will[1][3] 4 Mar 1671/72 Bradford, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Will[1][3] 12 Dec 1677 Codicil.
Death[1] 4 Jan 1677/78 Bradford, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Estate Inventory[1] 7 Mar 1677/78 £848 10s. 9d., of which £800 was real estate.
Probate[1][3] 26 Mar 1678 Will proved.


In his will, dated 4 March 1671/2 and proved 26 March 1678, "Thomas Hardee, Senior, living at Merrimack town, near Haverhill," being in "bodily health," bequeathed to "my eldest son" 200 acres of land; to "my sons John Hardee, to Joseph Hardee, & to Jacob Hardee" each 100 acres; to "my son-in-law William Hutchins" one hundred acres; to "my daughter Mary & to her children" £10 paid out of the land of "my son William Hardee"; to "my son Joseph Hardee sixty acres if he pays £40 of my debts"; residue of lands to "my son William Hardee"; to my sons John, Joseph and Jacob each ten acres of plowland; to "my beloved wife" sole use of dwelling house etc. and portions of land during her life; William Hardy to enjoy one-quarter part of the orchard during his mother's life; household goods to be equally divided among children after wife's death; "my son Joseph Hardee" and "friend & neighbor" David Hazeltine executors. In a lengthy codicil dated 12 December 1677 "Thomas Hardee Senior aged about seventy two" "yet alive & though weak in body" reshuffled lands among William Hutchins and sons Joseph and Jacob; to "my grandchildren" 20s. each; to "my beloved wife" two acres by the river on the east end of the house for her own dispose at her death; forty acres for wife's security; £20 to be divided equally among surviving grandchildren, those born into the families of "Thomas & John Hardee, & my two daughters, Mary and Sary"; to "my son" John Hardy ten acres; "my son Thomas's" land entailed; to "my son" Jacob two acres of meadow; William Hardy sole executor; "loving and respected friends" Rev. Mr. Zachary Simes, Mr. Shubael Walker, and Jonathan Danforth, Sr. of Billerica, overseers; "& further I do exhort all my children, to live in the fear of god, & in the exercise of love & charity each to other, relieving each other's necessity according to their ability as the case may require" [ EPR Case #12405].

"An inventory of the estate of Thomas Hardee Senr. who deceased January 4th 1677" was taken 7 March 1677/8 by Jonathan Danforth, Sr., Shubael Walker, and Samuel Worcester. It totalled £848 10s. 9d., of which £800 was real estate: "house & barns, orchard, fences & 800 acres land more or less joining to the house" [EPR 3:217].

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    ORIGIN: Unknown.
    OCCUPATION: Ferry operator at Bradford [Bradford TR 1:4].

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    76. Thomas1 Hardy settled very early in that part of Rowley afterward called Merrimack Village and later Bradford, where he acquired much land. The name of his wife is not recorded. He died in Bradford, 4 Jan., 1677-8. His will, dated 4 Mar., 1671-2, when was called of "Merrimack near Haverhill," with a "Postscript" dated 12 Dec., 1677, proved 26 Mar., 1678, mentions himself as aged about 72 years, in 1677; eldest son, Thomas, sons John, Joseph, Jacob and William; son-in-law William Hutchins; daughter Mary and her children unnamed; daughter Sarah (Essex Probate).

Founders of Ipswich, Massachusetts
The area known as Agawam remained an uncolonized part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony until 1633 when Governor John Winthrop sent his son, John, to establish a settlement to be called Ipswich. With a band of twelve men, John sailed up the Ipswich River in his shallop in March 1633 and began settlement on the banks of the river near the present wharf. On 1 April 1633 the General Court forbid any others from settling there, and gave permission for ten men already there to remain. The names of the other three men are unknown.
Original Settlers   John Winthrop, Jr. - John Biggs - William Clark (of Watertown) - Robert Coles - John Gage - Thomas Hardy - Thomas Hewlitt - William Perkins - John Thorndike - William Serjeant
Current Location: Essex County, Massachusetts   Parent Towns: Boston   Daughter Towns: Topsfield, Hamilton, Essex