Person:Thomas Flagg (1)

Thomas Flagg
m. 30 Jul 1611
  1. Henry Flagg1612 -
  2. Michael FlaggAbt 1615 - 1657
  3. Bartholomew Flagg1619 - Bet 1686 & 1691
  4. Thomas Flagg1621 - 1697/98
  • HThomas Flagg1621 - 1697/98
  • WMary UnknownAbt 1619 - Bet 1702 & 1703
m. 1640
  1. Lt. Gershom Flagg1641 - 1690
  2. John Flagg1643 - 1696/97
  3. Bartholomew Flagg1644/45 - Bef 1697
  4. Thomas Flagg, Jr.1646 - Bef 1718/19
  5. William Flagg1648 - 1675
  6. Michael Flagg1651/52 - 1711
  7. Eleazer Flagg1653 - 1722
  8. Elizabeth Flagg1657 - 1729
  9. Mary Flagg1657/58 - 1720
  10. Rebecca Flagg1660 - 1721
  11. Benjamin Flagg1662 - 1741
  12. Allen Flagg1665 - Bef 1711
Facts and Events
Name[6] Thomas Flagg
Gender Male
Baptism[5] 6 May 1621 Hardingham, Norfolk, England
Immigration[2] 1637 from Scratby, England on either the John and Dorothy or The Rose (the two ships sailing in company)
Marriage 1640 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusettsto Mary Unknown
Residence[3] Abt 1643 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Will[3][4] 5 Mar 1697 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Death[1][3] 6 Feb 1697/98 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Probate[4] 16 Feb 1698 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusettsproved
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    Thomas flege an old man diceaced feb : 6 : 1697:8 :

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    THESE people went to New England: ...Aprill. the / 11 th / 1637...and THOMAS: FLEGE: aged / 21 yeares. and one MARABLE: VNDERWOOD: a mayd. Saruant / ageed, 20 yeares. goes all for New England to Inhabitt / and Remaine ////

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    FLAGG (Fleg, Flegg).
    (I.) THOMAS FLAGG, settled in Wat. as early as 1643, and "was probably the ancestor of all families bearing that name in this country. He was selectman, 1671, '74. '75, 76, and '78. He lost his left eye, by a gunshot accident, previous to 1659, and he d. Feb. 6, 1697-8. His will dated Mar. 5, 1696-7. His wife MARY was b. 1619; her Will dated Dec. 30, 1702, and proved Ap. 21, 1703.

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    The will of Thomas Flegg, dated 5 Mar., 1697 and proved 16 Feb., 1698, mentions only a part of his children, namely, the sons Thomas, Michael, Allen, and Benjamin, and the daughter Rebecca Cook (the eldest son Gershom was already dead). The will of his wife Mary, dated 30 Dec, 1702 (the year preceding her death), mentions only the son Benjamin and the daughters Mary Bigelow, Elizabeth Bigelow, and Rebecca Cook, Samuel Bigelow being executor.

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    28. Thomas11 Flegg (24 Allen19, John15, Richard14, John13, James12, William11, John10, John9, William8, Philip1, Philip9, Philip5, Sir John4, Sir John3, Henry2, Algar1), was baptized in Hardingham, co. Norfolk, 6 May 1621, the youngest of the four children of his parents. He was only eleven years old when his father died in 1632; so he soon came under the control of his eldest brother, Henry17 Flegg, born in 1612, with whom he probably lived during the next few years...

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