Person:Thomas Drennon (1)

Thomas Drennon
b.est. 1740-1750
d.Bef Apr 1808 Bath County, Virginia
  1. Thomas DrennonEst 1740 to 1750 - Bef 1808
  2. James Drennon
  3. Lawrence DrennonAbt 1746 - Abt 1784
  4. Charles Drennon
  5. Jacob Drennon1750 - 1786
  6. William Drennon1757 - 1840
  • HThomas DrennonEst 1740 to 1750 - Bef 1808
  • WMimmie SmithEst 1755 to 1765 - 1787
m. est. 1775-1780
  1. John DrennenAbt 1782 -
  2. Elizabeth DrinnonAbt 1782 - 1850
  3. Nancy Drinnen1785 - 1851
m. Abt 1788
  1. Jacob Drennen1788 - Bef 1870
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Drennon
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1740-1750 [varies widely, needs additional research/sources]
Marriage est. 1775-1780 Virginia[estimate, needs research]
to Mimmie Smith
Marriage Abt 1788 Virginiato Christina Neeler
Death[1] Bef Apr 1808 Bath County, Virginia[Will Proven]

Will Abstract

Pg. 394: Will of Thomas Drinnen, dated Feb. 9, 1808.
Wit: William Poage, Robert Gay and William Sharp.
Probated April 1808
Exec: wife and sons Jacob and William.
Beq: all movable property, household furniture and farming utensils to wife Christina "to her use and the raising of the family and schooling them:
wife to have all the cleared land while she remains a widow; if she married, she is to have one-third, balance to be sold and divided among children.
to sons Jacob and William the place where he now lives, to the top of the big spring ridge and along the ridge, also Slaterry Place.
to sons James and Lawrence the remainder of his land.
the four sons when they are of age are to pay to son Charles 500 pounds, in proportions equal to value of their lands.
to daughters Nancy, Elizabeth, Jane, Christina, Margaret, Martha and Sarah, 25 pounds each.
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 50.
Pg. 399. Inventory - Thomas Drinnen.
Submitted May 21, 1808 by William Sharp, James Jonson (?), William Poage and Robert Gay.
cattle 27, hogs 16, sheep 14, farm utensils and household furniture.
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 51.


  • John Smith of Bath vs. William, James, Jane, Lawrence, Christina, Margaret, Martha, and Sarah Drennen, infants O.S. 193 N.S.68 - Spa. 1812 Thomas Drinnen (in Bath ?) intestate in 1803; leaving widow Christinia and children, viz: Charles Drinnen; Nancy Sharp, Wife of Andrew Sharp; Jacob, William, Elizabeth (who married John Drennen), James, Jane, Lawrence, Christinia, Margaret, Martha and Sarah Drennin. Charles probably went to Ohio.
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    Chance Meeting with George Washington
    Posted 18 Oct 2011 by kathyhi99

    A Mr. Ennis is the first known Englishman to set foot in present-day Calhoun County. In 1770, George Washington was surveying in the vicinity of Calhoun County when he reported in his journal a chance meeting with Mr. Ennis, who had traveled down the Little Kanawha River through the present site of Calhoun County. Later that year, six men, including William White, Thomas Drennen, Paul Shaver, and John Cutright, scouted for Indians along the Ohio River and, in the process, passed through Calhoun County. In 1772, William Lowther, Jesse Hughes, and Elias Hughes journeyed from the West Fork Valley into the Little Kanawha Valley. They discovered and traveled along what is now known as the Hughes River.