Person:Thomas Dakin (1)

Thomas Dakin
  • HThomas Dakin1624 - 1708
  • WSarah - 1659
m. Bef 1659
  1. Sarah Dakin1659 - 1748/49
  • HThomas Dakin1624 - 1708
  • WSusanah - 1697/98
m. 11 Jun 1660
  1. John Dakin1660/61 -
  2. Simon DakinEst 1663 -
  3. Joseph DakinEst 1669 -
  4. Mary Dakin1671 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Dakin
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1624
Marriage Bef 1659 to Sarah
Marriage 11 Jun 1660 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Susanah
Death[1][2] 21 Oct 1708 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1635-1850. (Boston: Beacon Press, 1891)

    Thomas Dakin ye Husband of Susanna his wife (deceaced) Dyed Octobr ye 21st, 1708.

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    link Will dated 20 Jan 1697/8 aged 73 and 8 mo. transcribed named his daughter Sarah Wood

    Thomas Dakin born about May, 1624, probably in England but place unknown, was of Concord, Massachusetts., as early as 1652 and probaably earlier. He owned first division lands in Concord as well as second division lands which were granted to him on account of the first division lands held by him. He lived in the southern part of Concord at or near Flint'sPond.This part of Concord was later set off to Sudbury. He is often mentioned in the old records of Concord as Tithingman and as Constable. His first wife was Sarah------ who signed a deed with him 9th day of 11th mo. 1656. She died at Concord Oct. 18, 1659 . He married, second wife Susanna, widow of Richard Stratton, June 11, 1660. She died Feb. 26, 1697/8. He died Oct. 21, 1708. He wrote a will which was never probated as his wife had died and all the provisions of the will seem to have been carried out before his death. The will is now deposted with the New England Historic Genealogical Society at Boston, Massachusetts. The will reads as folllws: January 20 day 1697/8. The last will and Testament of Thomas Dakin aged 73 and 8 muntes of the Towne of Concord in new England in the Massacuhessetes coliny god having brought me and my wife to ould age yet by the suportin mercy of god I am perfect in memory and understanding toe diposes of what estate I am free oner of as folloeth and have full power so to doe to my children after my death and my wife. Ferstour bodies be desuntly Buried and fuerall charges to be paid by my Exsecutor Joseph Dakin my heare and and administrater of my estate after my death and my wife ferst I give to John Dakin my son the sum of 15 pound ten in country pay and 20 acores of upland at the West end of my land at nut medo plaine all this to be payd in country pay this to be paid in stid of 15 pound Item I give to Sarah Wood my daugter ten pound with a pot and puter plater to be reconed in this sum the of the X pound I primis to Simon Dakin beeing he went from mee and wood not stay with me I have gevn him what I have Intended and no more to be demanded out of my estate imprimis to my son Joseph Dakin I make him my full heare of all my estate paying thees legises to my children as is menshoned before provided hee maintane mee and my wife onerably and comfortable Imprimis to my wife if shee outlive me first I give her my dwelling house from top to bottom 21y yearly one cow one swine seven bushell of corne3 of Ry with my orchyarde this cow and swine to be keept by my son Joseph Dakin so long as shee liveth with all other nesisaris for the comfort of life. Impri to Joseph Dakin I give my dwelling house barne and and all my Improved plow land consising of X or xii Acores of plow land more or les as also 6 acores of medow being bounded by the river on the east on on the north by Joseph bullkley on the north on the south by John Wheeler's medo; on the west by my own land as also my orchyard; and swoomp consising of one ackor and half more or les beeing bounded on the east by Jonathan prescote on the north by the hyway on the west by my son Simons Dakin orchyard; my orchyard one acor besides as allso 40 acores of upland on nut medo playne more or les being bounded on the est by Decon heewards medow on the north by John Mills on the south by John Wood on the west by John Mills Imprimis yo my son Joseph Dakin 8 acores of Woodland at Faire haven more or les beeing bounded on the est by John Wood and Abraham Wood one the south by John heeward on the north by steven hosmor more in the west by John Mills senior as allso my privilidge that may come out of the village afterwardes Ipri to my son Joseph Dakin all my husbrandery things when I say all I comprehend every individial toole. Imprimis to my son Joseph Dakin all my household stuff when I say all I comprehend every individiall thing as bras puter Iron beding cheares and all things elles after my death and my wife paying the former legisies Imprimis my share of minerall at Dunstable I give and conferme if anithing be prodused there to my son John Dakin my son in law Samuell Straton and my son Joseph Dakin to have equall proportion alike it beeing at presant stated on mee Thomas Dakin by the undertakeres and part-noeres. Lastly the reson why I give to my son Joseph Dakin so much is for the comfort of my life and my wife life therfore I carge you all my children to rest in it and live in peace that the god of peace may be to you. As for thees sumes above spesified my will is the are not to be paid off too or 3 yeares after my desease and my wife riton with my one hand Thomas Dakin: in witnes whereof I have ste too my hand and seall February 2-1697-98, in the presence of these wittneses John Heyward Junr Jacob Farrar her Sarah x Heywood mark Under date of July 6, 1703, Thomas Dakin conveyed by deed to Joseph Dakin, recorded at East Cambridge, Massachusetts. May 10, 1708 and reads, in part, as follows: "In consideration of what hath been done allready & wch I do further do Expect in order to my Comfortable maintenance by my loveing and Duty full Son Joseph Dakin Dwelling in my house with me" conveys unto said Joseph "All my land Upland medow Swamp, Pasture land, all my buildings, as particurlarly my dwelling house barn and Leanto and Sellar room, and all my movable goods whatsoever Cattle or Chattells or whatsoever else nature they are of, and also all my house lott being about Twelve acres more or less." Bounded N. by Joseph Bulklys meadow, E. by South River, S. by meadow of John Wheeler, Sr., W. by my own land. Also upland bounded N. by highway, E. by Capt. Jonathan Prescott, Mr. Joseph Bulkly, my own meadow and John Wheeler's meadow, S. by son Simon Dakin's land, W. by Abraham Wood. Nicholas Shavallys land and Simon Dakin's orchard. This deed also conveys 8 acres of woodland and 1 acre of meadow adjoining it at Faire Haven and also 59 acres upland at Nut Meadow. These tracts are bounded as it is in the "Town and Quarter Bookes for Concord." This deed shows that all his property as described in his will was conveyed to his son Joseph.