Person:Thomas Corbin (6)

Thomas Corbin
b.24 May 1594 Warwickshire, England
  1. Thomas Corbin1594 - 1637
  1. Thomas Corbin1624 - 1688
  2. George Corbin1626 -
  3. Hon. Henry Corbin1629 - 1675
  4. Gowin Corbin1631 - 1709
  5. Charles Corbin1633 - 1657
  6. Lettice Corbin1635 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Corbin
Gender Male
Birth? 24 May 1594 Warwickshire, EnglandHalls End
Death? Jun 1637 Warwickshire, EnglandHalls End

Thomas Corbyn and brother Gawen along with a cousin were in business together. Gawen acted as agent, from London, and did most of the Virginia transactions through Henry Corbyn/Corbin now in Virginia. This was apparently due to Henry's political pull, and also due to the fact that Henry and Gawin getting along much better then Henry and Thomas for the business appeared to have been doing quite well. The diaries did not state that they were enemies in so many words but what there is leads one to believe Thomas and Henry never spoke again after Henry's last trip to England."After Thomas died, Winifred remarried to Cecil Warbington. The court took charge of his (Thomas 1624) property and lands and granted his custody, wardship and marriage to his mother, with the usual provisions for the care of his estates, hiseducation and regular presentation to the Council of the Court of Wards. Apparently all did not go according to instructions from the court. After an investigation was conducted it revealed Winifred and Cecil Warbington had not only converted the profits of the estate to their own use, but had taken Thomas from the school where he was being educated, and kept him and his brothers from school. The court intervened and maintained all properties for William until he became of age, to include his education. Due to the large inheritance given to Thomas by his father, apparently Henry, Thomas' brother, had a falling-out with him. Several trips made by Henry to England were conducted. It is believed that these trips were to try and influence Thomas and/or Gawin.