Person:Thomas Corbin (5)

Thomas Corbin, Sr.
b.abt. 1716 Virginia
m. abt. 1716
  1. Thomas Corbin, Sr.Abt 1716 - 1793
  2. Ambrose Corbin1723 - Abt 1808
  3. Jeremiah Corbin1728 - 1790
  4. Margaret Corbin1731 -
m. 19 March 1750
  1. Lucy Corbin - 1825
  2. Mary Corbin
  3. Susanna Corbin
  4. Rawley Corbin1749 - 1817
  5. Ambrose Corbin1786 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Corbin, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1716 Virginia
Marriage 19 March 1750 Culpeper County, Virginiato Elizabeth Scott
Death[1] 1793 Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Records in Orange County, Virginia

Records from ORANGE COUNTY ROAD ORDERS 1734-1749, by Ann Brush Miller:

  • 22 May 1737, O.S. p. 162 - Wm: Russell Gent and Charles Dewet having returned ye Last Courts Order for viewing the road Beverley and Brooks Land to ye pitch of the fork executed it is ordered that the said road be cleared accordingly as they have laid it off and that Charles Duett Colo: Carters negroes Jacob Holtzclaw, James Wright, John Bridges, Richard Bridges, Charles ffloyd, Amora Day, Miles Murphey, and Thomas Hooper work on ye said road from the point of ye ffork to ye fork of ye,Indian Runn and that John Chissum be the Overseer of that part of ye road & that Colo: Willis’s & Tapps tithables work on ye sd Road from the fork of Indian run to Crooked run and that william Tapp be Surveyor of that precinct of ye road And it is also ordered that Cornelius Mitchell, Wm Smith, John Washburn, Thos: Washburn, ffrancis Browning, Anthony & Samuel Scott, Thos: Corbyn & John Byrk work on ye sd road from Crooked run to Ashley & ffrans: Browns Land at Sherundo under Wm Dunkon overseer for that precinct of ye sd Road. & Thomas Kenninson, James Cannon, Richard Covington, John Ashley & John Jordan Wm Collins, Markham McKensey & John Nicks ordered to Clear the precinct under John Sexton Overseer from Ashleys to Beverley & Brooks’s Land and it is further Ordered that ye sd Overseers clear ye sd Road with ye afd tithables according to Law.
  • 28 August 1740, O.S. p. 238 - Ordered that Samuel Scott be Overseer of ye road from Scotts path to ye thorrough fair run bridge & that ye tithables of Thomas Corbin John Burk & above Crooked run work on the same & its further ordered that ye sd Scott cause the highways to be cleared & the bridges to be repaired in the said precinct according to Law.
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