Person:Thomas Buford (2)

Capt. Thomas Buford
b.est. 1740-1750
  • HCapt. Thomas BufordEst 1740 to 1750 - 1774
  • WAnna Watts1758 -
m. abt. 1773
  1. Nancy BufordAbt 1773 - 1852
Facts and Events
Name Capt. Thomas Buford
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1740-1750
Marriage abt. 1773 to Anna Watts
Death? 10 October 1774 Point Pleasant, Mason, West Virginia, Virginia, United StatesBattle of Point Pleasant


Thomas Buford's will dated August 20, 1774, probated at a court held in Bedford County, November 28, 1774, left all his property to his three children, reserving one-third for his wife, Ann, for life, at her death to go to the children. James Buford was made guardian, and Ann gave up her rights as executrix to him. Services of Thomas Buford, as given by his brother James to the Bedford Court, accompanying an application for bounty lands:

"Served as sergeant under Braddock and was discharged 1754, also served as sergeat under Braddock and was discharged 1756. Served under Colonel Washington as lieutenant and was discharged in 1758, as a lieutenant under Colonel Byrd and was discharged 1759, also served in another regiment under Colonel Byrd and was discharged."

For these services land warrants Nos. 663 to 667, issued March 11, 1800, for six thousand six hundred and sixty-six and two-thirds acres. The entire grant was located on the Ohio River, fourteen miles below the Big Sandy River, and assigned to Abraam Buford for full value received, and the Register requested to issue patents to said Abraham Buford, in a deed made by John Buford, Jr., son of Thomas, and James his guardian, dated July 27, 1787. Thomas had also bounty lands, which were entered by James Buford as guardian of Thomas' children. "For services performed in the last war." He was captain of a company from Bedford County, which he commanded, together with two companies, one from the east of the ridge and the other from the west of the James, under Colonel William Christian, in General Lewis' expedition against the Indians. He was killed at the Battle of Point Pleasant, October 10, 1774 (Foote's History of Virginia). The lands located under these warrants seem to have been of little benefit to any one. Colonel Abraham Buford, under date October, 1796, informed his brother Henry, "There are two or three thousand acres preemtption surveyed in it, which takes the best part with my improvements."

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