Person:Tah-lon-tee-skee Unknown (1)

b.before 1792 Cherokee Nation
d.after 1818
m. est 1698
  1. Tah-lon-tee-skeebefore 1792 - after 1818
  1. George R. Lovett1818 -
Facts and Events
Name Tah-lon-tee-skee
Gender Male
Birth[1] before 1792 Cherokee NationCherokee Nation
Death[1] after 1818

Was a prominent Chicamauga warrior in 1792. In the United States-Cherokee October 25, 1805, Doublehead, who had hitherto been an implacable war chief was granted three separate tracts of one square mile each and Tahlonteeskee received a square mile of land on the north bank of the Tennessee River, for their influence in negotiating the treaty. This action becoming unpopular, Tahlonteeskee emigrated to the Western Cherokee country where he was elected principal chief in 1818. (Starr page 472)

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