Person:Susannah Thorne (2)

m. Bef 1680
  1. Hannah Thorne1680 - 1761
  2. Joseph Thorne1682 - 1772
  3. William Thorne1684 - bet 1742
  4. Mary Thorne1686 - 1768
  5. Susannah Thorne1688 - 1728
  6. John Thorne1690 - 1769
  7. Thomas Thorne1692/93 - 1757
  8. Benjamin Thorne1694/95 -
  9. Abraham Thorne1696 - 1765
  10. Isaac Thorne1698 - 1768
  11. Jacob Thorne1700 - 1759
  12. Sarah Thorne1702/03 - bef 1738
m. about 1710
  1. Mary Hedger1711 - 1715/16
  2. Elizabeth Hedger1713 -
  3. Eliakim Hedger1716 -
  4. Joseph Hedger1718 -
  5. Benjamin Hedger1719/20 -
  6. Sarah Hedger1721/22 -
  7. Samuel Hedger1723 -
  8. Mary Hedger1724/25 -
Facts and Events
Name Susannah Thorne
Gender Female
Birth[7] 18 Jun 1688 Flushing, Queens, New York, United States
Marriage about 1710 Flushing, Long Island, New Netherlandsto Eliakim Hedger
Death[8][9] 27 Mar 1728 Flushing, Queens, New York, United States

Susannah Thorne

SUSANNAH "Susan" THORNE[1][2][3] was born on 18 June 1688 in Flushing, Long Island, Colonial New Amsterdam.[1][2] Bunker [4]gives the child's name as Hannah (one Hannah b.1680) DOB 1688. Susan appeared in the census in 1698 in Flushing, Long Island, Colonial New Amsterdam.[3] Susan died on 27 March 1728 at the age of 39 in Flushing, Long Island, Colonial New Amsterdam.[1][2]

Susannah Thorne and Eliakim Hedger Marriage

Susanna "Susan" Thorne and Eliakim Hedger[1][5][6] , son of Elizabeth Burton and Thomas Hedger, were married about 1710 in Flushing, Long Island, Colonial New Amsterdam. ELIAKIM HEDGER[1][2][5] was born about 1688 in Flushing, Long Island, Colonial New Amsterdam[1][2]. Eliakim appeared in the census in 1698 in Flushing, Long Island, Colonial New Amsterdam[3]. Eliakim resided in Stoneybrook, Somerset Co., New Jersey on 17 December 1730[1]. ELIAKIM died in 1767 at the age of 79 in Somerset County, New Jersey[1].

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    [Note: In old-styles dates, the first month is March. More info may be found here.]

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    !Source: Hedger Binder A-24 Removed to Woodbridge,NJ in 1728 and later made his home in Somerset Co., at a place called Stony Brook, and there Eliakim married Margaret Lippenccott, who reared the youngest of his children.

    !NY Society of Friends January (Copy of pg 38 sent by D.Dishner) The children of Eliakin &

    Susannah Hedger, Flushing:

    Mary Hedger was born ye 28 d. 8 mo., 1711

    Elisabeth was born ye 8 d. 9 mo., 1713 (The Quaker Year began)

    Eliakim was born ye 1 d. 3 mo., 1716 ( March 1st )

    Joseph was born ye 31 d. 6 mo., 1718

    Benjamin was born ye 16 d. 1 mo., 1719/20

    Sarah was born ye 2 d. 1 mo., 1721/22

    Samuel was born ye 26 d. 3 mo., 1723

    Mary Hedger was born ye 13 d. 1 mo., 1725

    !1765 Probate Date.  !1993 Corr: Jim FAULCONER.

    On Mar 22, 1708, Eliakim of Flushing granted land to Thomas: "Thomas, my Father, late deceased, in his last Will and Testament, bequeath my Brother in full, Thomas HEDGER a certain part of his land..." It was signed in 1707. Witnessed 1769. Recorded 13 Dec 1769. (L.E. pg 90)

    Eliakim died in 1767(1765), and here is an abstract of his Will:

    1765, Oct. 29. HEDGER, Eliakim, of Somerset Co.; Will of. Being Old. Wife, Margaret HEDGER, the six new red chairs I bought of Stephen TRUSDAL, other goods, and 2 negros. Young- est son, John, land I bought of Samuel LARGE. Son, Samuel, land I bought of Aaron HUGHS. Son, Joseph, land where the house stands, during his life, and then to his two sons, Stevenson HEDGER and Thomas HEDGER. Grandsons, Joseph HEDGER and Samuel HEDGER, sons of my son Benjamin HEDGER, deceased, also land. Daughters Elizabeth LEWIS, Sarah HEDGER and Mary STEVENSON, rest of removables. Executors--Cromwell STEVENSON and my sons, Samuel HEDGER and John HEDGER. Witnesses--Isaac FURMAN, Obadiah PETTIT, Ann PETTIT. Proved Feb. 25, 1767. (Lib. 12, p. 470)