Person:Susanna Unknown (45)

Susanna unknown
b.BEF 24 Mar 1616/1617 Halifax, ?, York, England
m. 24 Jun 1616
  1. Susanna unknownBEF 1616 - AFT 1698
  2. Joseph Shaw1618 - 1653
  3. Grace Shaw1621 - Bef 1638
  4. Martha Shaw1623 - 1625
  5. Mary Shaw1626 - 1658
  6. John Shaw1628 - 1629
  7. Deacon John Shaw1630 - 1704
  8. Martha Shaw1632 - 1704
  • HNicholas ByramBef 1616 - 1688
  • WSusanna unknownBEF 1616 - AFT 1698
m. BEF Oct 1638
  1. Susanna Byram1648 - 1741/2
  2. Captain Nicholas ByramABT 1656 - 1727
Facts and Events
Name Susanna unknown
Gender Female
Birth? BEF 24 Mar 1616/1617 Halifax, ?, York, England
Christening? 24 Mar 1616/1617 Northowram, Halifax, York, England
Marriage BEF Oct 1638 Weymouth, ?, , MA, USAto Nicholas Byram
Burial? BEF 18 Dec 1699
Ancestral File Number XMGX-48
Ancestral File Number 8LBT-GD
Ancestral File Number 8KH7-WL
Death[1] AFT 7 Sep 1698 Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, USA

That Nicholas Byram had a wife named Susannah is known from his will. That she was a daughter of Abraham Shaw is inferred because Abraham Shaw called Nicholas a son-in-law.

But Susanna does not fit well in this family. The baptism of Susanna is not recorded in the parish registers of Halifax, Yorkshire, England where the other children are (see NEHGR, p. 48:346). This page appears to show a birth date (24 Mar 1616/17) exactly 9 months after the documented parent's documented wedding date (24 Jun 1616) with no source to justify it, suggesting it was basically, well, made up to squeeze Susanna into this family.

Instead an article "Abraham Shaw of Dedham" by H. Minot Pitman in NEHGR, p. 106:50 (Jan. 1952), examines other ways that Nicholas Byram could qualify to become Abraham Shaw's son-in-law. It concludes that it is unlikely that Abraham's wife was married before, unlikely that Susannah was Abraham's daughter, and unlikely that Susannah was a child of an earlier marriage of Abraham's. This is mostly because it appears that the Halifax parish registers are fairly complete, and they do not hint at any of this. The most likely answer would be that Nicholas Byram married first Abraham's daughter Grace bp. 1621, who was listed in parish registers of Halifax, qualifying him to be son-in-law, that Grace died soon after their marriage since she was not mentioned in Abraham's will of Nov.(?) 1638, and that therefore Susannah, surname unknown, was Nicholas's second wife, and not a daughter of Abraham Shaw's. --Jrich 23:24, 22 June 2009 (EDT)

  1. Paine, Sarah Cushing, and Charles Henry Pope. Paine Ancestry: The Family of Robert Treat Paine, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Including Maternal Lines. (Boston, Mass.: S. C. Paine, 1912), 96.

    Widow Susanna Byram will, dated 7 Sep 1698, names son Nicholas and his wife Mary, their children Nicholas and Mehetable; daughters Abigail Whitman, Deliverance Porter, Experience Willis and Susanna Edson; grandchildren Ebenezer Whitman, Mary Liech and Mary Willies. Freed negro Tom and her maid.