Person:Stephen Phelps (6)

Stephen Phelps, Sr.
m. 28 MAY 1735
  1. Stephen Phelps, Sr.1744 - AFT 1820
m. 25 MAY 1771
  1. Stephen PHELPS1771 - ABT 1771
  • HStephen Phelps, Sr.1744 - AFT 1820
  • WRuth Root,1753 - 1787
m. ABT JAN 1777
  1. Ruth Phelps1778-1784 -
  2. Edward Phelps1780 - 1787
  3. Stephen Phelps, Jr.1782 - 1848
  4. Peregrine PhelpsAbt 1785 -
  5. Daughter Phelps1786-1787 -
  • HStephen Phelps, Sr.1744 - AFT 1820
  • WRuth UNKNOWNABT 1750 - ABT 1812
m. 1788
  1. Daughter PHELPSABT 1789 -
  2. Edward PHELPS1791-1793 - 1849
m. 29 APR 1788
Facts and Events
Name Stephen Phelps, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1][6] 26 Oct 1744 Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States
Baptism[3][10] 13 Jan 1745 Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United StatesChurch of Christ
Marriage 25 MAY 1771 Pittsfield, Berkshire Co, Massachusettsto Elizabeth Goodrich,
Marriage Banns 25 MAY 1771 , Pittsfield, Berkshire, Massachusetts,to Elizabeth Goodrich,
Census[7][11] 16 Nov 1772 Pittsfield, Berkshire, Massachusetts, United States
Other[12] 1775 Military
Marriage ABT JAN 1777 Westfield, Hampden Co, Massachusettsto Ruth Root,
Census[8][13] 1786 Pittsfield, Berkshire, Massachusetts, United StatesFirst Church of Christ
Marriage 1788 Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., Massachusettsto Ruth UNKNOWN
Marriage 29 APR 1788 , Pittsfield, Berkshire, Massachusetts,to Widow Ruth Goodrich
Death[2][9] AFT 1820 Pennsylvania? Ohio?

The association of Stephen Phelps of Pittsfield with my known GGG Grandfather, Stephen, is an educated guess. It is based on a large collection of circumstantial evidence that fits the known information about the younger Stephen. However, the records for Pittsfield are sufficiently and obviously incomplete to leave in doubt the final determination of the connection. Phelps and Servin clearly missed his second marriage, and erred in setting the ages at death for one or more children.

This, plus the possible wartime association of the elder Stephen PHELPS with Thomas TORRANCE, Jr. in the Montreal Campaign, makes an interesting case for the connection. The relocation of Stephen Sr. and his brother Israel to New York may allow for a connection to the Torrance family in Vermont, under the right assumptions. Finally, the names that show up in P&S for Stephen, Edward, and Lucinda, and their relocation to Brownsville, PA, add to the circumstantial case for this connection. I am not certain that I will ever find hard evidence for this relationship, but will continue to carry it in the tree as one likely option.

Finding Ruth PHELPS in Pittstown, NY in 1810 opens up the connection between Stephen and Pittstown. A book on Washington County land grants lists a Nathaniel PHELPS as a grantee in the Cambridge Patent of 1761, which included large tracts in Pittstown. We know that Stephen’s father, Nathaniel, migrated to Pittsfield ca 1760, at the time of its creation. It is highly likely that he would have been part of a general land allotment in that region, to include the area west of the current NY state line. The name of Pittstown also suggests a connection to the founders of Pittsfield, as the two towns were named for the same English lord.

If this was the case, then Stephen may have inherited some of this land, and moved his family there between 1800 and 1810. He was certainly moving in that general direction over the years (Freehold, to Bethlehem, to Pittstown). This placement also establishes a strong possible link with the Torrance family across the Vermont state line.

Pittsfield vital records also show a death of a Phelps child in 1782, but no indication of the parents is given, nor is there a name or sex indicated.,

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  9. Appears to be listed in 1820 census
  10. # ID: I3820
    # Name: Stephen PHELPS
    # Sex: M
    # Birth: 26 OCT 1744 1
    # Baptism: 13 JAN 1744/45 Westfield Church of Christ 2

    Father: Nathaniel III PHELPS b: 5 NOV 1710 in Westfield, Hampden, MA
    Mother: Sarah BUSH


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