Person:Stephen De Longespee (1)

Stephen de Longespee
Facts and Events
Name Stephen de Longespee
Alt Name Stephen Longespee Plantagentent
Alt Name Stephen de Longespee, Earl of Ulster
Alt Name[1] Stephen Longespee
Alt Name[2] Stephen LONGESPEE
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 1216 Salisbury,,Wiltshire,England
Birth? ABT 1220 Salisbury, Wilshire, England
Alt Marriage BET 08 FEB 1243 AND 08 FEB 1243 to Emmeline de Rydeleford
Marriage 1244 Salisbury,,Wiltshire,Englandto Emmeline de Rydeleford
Other Marriage Ending Status Divorce
with Emmeline de Rydeleford
Occupation? 1259 Justice of Ireland
Death? 1260 Sutton, Northamptonshire, England
Alt Death? 23 JAN 1273/74 Sutton, Northampshire, England
Other[3] 9FTR-GCAncestral File Number
Burial[4] Lacock, Wiltshire, EnglandLacock Abbey
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