Person:Stanlea Kariolic (1)

Stanlea (Stanka or Stana) Gertrude Kariolic
b.7 MAY 1888 Praputnjak, Croatia
d.25 FEB 1978 LaSalle, Ill.
m. 22 APR 1882
  1. Johanna Kariolic1883 -
  2. Rudolf Kariolic1886 -
  3. Stanlea (Stanka or Stana) Gertrude Kariolic1888 - 1978
  4. Natalia Kariolic1889 -
  5. Nicolis Kariolic1891 -
  6. Franjo? Kariolic1894 -
  7. Marijeta (Marieta) "Mihajlka" Kariolic1895 - Abt 1980
  8. Sofija Ivana (Ivka) Kariolic1899 - 1965
m. 23 MAY 1908
  1. Brovius (John) Vidas1909 - 1994
  2. Margaret Mary Vidas1915 - 1997
  • WStanlea (Stanka or Stana) Gertrude Kariolic1888 - 1978
  1. John Vidas1909 - 1996
Facts and Events
Name Stanlea (Stanka or Stana) Gertrude Kariolic
Alt Name /Teta/
Gender Female
Birth? 7 MAY 1888 Praputnjak, Croatia
Alt Birth? 7 MAY 1888 Meja, Yugolavia (Croatia)
Marriage 23 MAY 1908 Sv. Josipa, Praputnjak, Croatiato Clemente Milivoj (Klemente) (Emil) Vidas
Emigration? 12 JUN 1912 Came over on Pannania
Other? ABT 1941 At least by 1941 Teta was claiming 1893 as the year she was born, shaving off five years.Birth dates
Other ABT 1941 Myrtle Willis Darline was a foster child, according to recordsFoster child
with Clemente Milivoj (Klemente) (Emil) Vidas
Other ABT 1941 They lived at Irving Avenue in 1920 and 6337 N. Clark St. about 1937 then 6348 N. Greenview, artment III, a block away by about 1947Address (Marriage Pg)
with Clemente Milivoj (Klemente) (Emil) Vidas
Death? 25 FEB 1978 LaSalle, Ill.
Burial? St. Vincent Cemetery, LaSalle, Ill.

See Marietta notes about a discrepancy in spelling and hometowns. When she came over she lived at 1405 Dayton St., Chicago. A 1943 social security application in her hand writing spelled her name Stanka Gertrude Kariolitt. All Croatian documentation shows Kariolic.

Church records in Praputnjak show the spelling Kariolic. She may have been related to Diago Maradona, footballer of Argentina. His grandfather, Matej Kariolic, was born in 1847. We figure Teta was Motej's niece. Father (Dr.) Ivan Sporcic, parish priest in Teta's old church, is the source of that. Sandra Kariolic from Rijeka, Croatia, near Praputnjak, says her grandfather 's brother (she spelled it Matija) went to Argentina and a reporter there contacted her about the Kariolic connection. I'm trying to find more information.

Her church was Sv. Josipa, Crkva Ured, Praputnjak 16, HR 51225 Praaputnjak, Croatia

We haven't quite got the relation straight yet (Feb, 2003) for the Stiglic family, which I believe were Teta's relatives living on the north side. A Viktor Kariolic, whose uncle, Matt Stiglic, came over in 1921 and was already a citizen by virtue of his father, whoever that was. The uncle was listed on the manifest. A Matt Stiglic came over in 1903 and was already 50, so if he might have been a grandfather. He came from Emil's village, as did an apparent traveling companion (at least he was listed next to Matt on the manifest) Josip Juricic, 31. A Fana Stiglic, 22, came over with her son, Tama, in 1913. They seemed to have been from Praputnjak and ended up in Chicago. Stliglic was the maiden name of my great-grandmotner.

The derivation of "Teta" is even in doubt. It either came from the German "Tante" or Croatian "Tetka,. both meaning aunt." Her nieces and nephews were unable to prounounce the German of Croatian word.

She had a brother named Rudy, who she called for when she was dying. Rudy never came over.

In trying to find the connection between the Kariolic and Stiglic families, a Mika Kariolic married a Stephan Stiglic, though we still need details.

An Andrew Kariolich, that lived with my grandparents for a time, was born Aug. 13, 1909. and died Oct., 1980 in Rolling Meadows. He was the son of Michael, son of Teta's father but his first wife. We have information elesewhere.

Teta's father's tombstone lists both his wives and also hase kremenic ivka (1899-1965) and Kremenic Nikola Kremenic (1909=1983). Kremnic is the last name but dopn't know why they were on the tombwstone. It was teta's sister and husband.