Person:Squire Young (1)

Squire Boren Young
d.1838 Illinois
m. Abt 1800
  1. Squire Boren Young1802 - 1838
  2. Alfred Douglas Young1808 - 1889
m. 22 Feb 1822
Facts and Events
Name Squire Boren Young
Gender Male
Birth? 1802 Springfield, Robertson, Tennessee
Marriage 22 Feb 1822 Alexander, Illinoisto Lucinda Boren
Death? 1838 Illinois

Found some dates in, submitted by Also Jacque Reed, says:

Name: Squire Boren YOUNG

   Sex: M
   Birth: 1802 in Springfield, Robertson, Tennessee
   Death: 1838 in Trenton, Gibson, Tennessee
   Education: 14 OCT 1879/sgeor
   Residence: 15 OCT 1879/sgeor
       Note: BIRTH-PARENTS-DEATH: St George Temple ordinance book D, page434, number 10023; NOTE: Squire Boren Young, born 1802,Tennessee, died 1838, father Jacob Young, mother Mary Boren,Alfred D. Young brother.
       !MARRIAGE-SPOUSE: Squire Young, married Lucinda Boren 25 Feb1822; Alexander Co
       Illinois marriages; Alexander Co Clerk, 2000Washington Ave, Cairo Illinois, 62914-1717,
       DEED: Gibson Co, Tennessee court records; FHL book 976.823/P2h,page 81; Transfer of a
       plat and certificate from Squire Young toBatholomew Baker for 75 acres was acknowledged.
       Proven by JohnB. Hogg and John Gray. 4 June 1832.
       RESIDENCE: It is possible to form some idea of the places ofresidence of early Gibson Co
       Tennessee settlers from the courtminutes because it was a legal requirement that a
       man,irregardless of social or financial status, must work on roadsthat were being constructed
       within a six mile radius of hishome; Gibson Co Tennessee Court Records, 1824-1828; vol A
       page30; FHL book 976.823/P2w; NOTE: "Ordered that Andrew Craig,David Crockett Sr,
       David Crockett Jr, Daniel Conlee, SquireYoung, William Ferguson, John Gray and Patterson
       Crockett beappointed a Jury of View to run and mark a road from Trenton tothe Weakly Co line
       in a direction to Dresden."
       COURT RECORDS: Gibson Co Tennessee; Monday 4 Sep 1826; FHL book976.823/P2w, vol
       A, page 34; Court held at Trenton in Gibson CoTennessee; NOTE: "Ordered that the return
       made by the Jury ofView for the road from this place to Dyer Co Line by way ofPage's mill be
       confirmed and an overseer be appointed. Orderedthat Samuel S. Crafton be appointed overseer
       of the road fromthis place to Carroll County as far as Leopard's Creek and heallowed the
       following hands: E. Brite, Benjamin Moore, WilliamButler, Soacly Farthing, William
       McDaniel, John Drury, EsquireYoung, William Young, Wilson Brown, Preston Conlee, Peter
       MarrsConly, Matthew Leopard, John Hassell, JF Rnadolph, WilliamAllen, James Graham,
       Meed Pearce."; On the same day it was"Ordered that B.G. Addcock be appointed overseer of
       the roadfrom this place to Carroll Co line commencing at Leopard's Creekand ending at
       Rutherfords Fork of Obion and be allowed thefollowing hands: James Smith, Richard Smith,
       Thomas Bennett,John Gray ..." James Smith was the father of Leah Smith whomarried William
       Young (Squire Young's brother) on 11 Nov 1826.Richard Smith was Leah Smith's brother.
       COURT RECORDS: Tuesday Morning, 4 Dec 1827; Gibson Co Tennessee;FHL book
       976.823/P2w, vol A, page 63; NOTE: "The following weresummoned to serve as Jurors of this
       term of court of Pleas &Quarter Sessions: Theophilus Williams, Wilson Brown, JohnMurphy,
       John W Buckner, Turner R Gibbs, William Ferguson,Overall Sanderson, Hesse L Ross, Squire
       Young, Daniel Conlee,Jeptha Billingsley, Samuel Patterson, Patterson Crockett, OwenWood,
       Hardy Hunt, John Wilson, William T Webb, Marshal Hsanders, William Mathews, Edmund
       Tidwell, John Parker, ThomasBrown & Isaac Jetton. James Turner & William B
       COURT RECORDS: Gibson County Tennessee; FHL book 956.823/P2w,vol A, page 87;
       NOTE: "Ordered that the following be a jury ofview to mark a road from the highland where
       the Dresden &Huntingdon Road fork to the County line in a direction of Paristo wit: Elijah
       Billingsley Jr, Squire Young, Willis Brown(Boren), B. Baker, John Murphy, David L. Thomas,
       Jacob Mills,Jacob Brandbury."
       1827 TAX: Gibson Co Tennessee Tax Lists 1824-29; FHL book976.823/R4w, page 33; Under
       an early statue of Tennessee, allwhite male inhabitants of the state, between the ages ofeighteen
       and forty-five, composed the militia thereof; Eachmilitia unit was composed of not less than
       forty-five privatesresiding within the boundaries of their companies; Captains andother officers
       were elected by those in each company and servedfor five years; It was through this militia
       system that anoccasional census was taken and taxes were levied and collected;Captain Henry
       H. Roberts' Militia Company taxable property,1827, lists among others: William Young, 50
       acres, 0 town lots,1 white pole, 0 black poles, 0 stud horses; James Smith, 0acres, 0 town lots,
       1 white pole, 0 black poles, 0 stud horses.
       1828 TAX: Gibson Co Tennessee Tax Lists 1824-29; FHL book976.823/R4w, page 45; A List
       of Taxable property given in to JBBibrell in the bounds of Capt David Crockett's old Company
       forthe year 1828; Squire Young, 1 white pole, 0 black poles, 75acres; William Young, 1 white
       pole, 0 black poles, 50 acres;also listed is John McIntosh who became Squire and
       WilliamYoung's brother-in-law (sister married Alfred D. Young).