Person:Shelton Partin (1)

Shelton Clayton Partin
m. 7 Mar 1816
  1. Louisa PartinABT 1818 - AFT 1881
  2. Robert C Partin1819 - 1900
  3. Nancy Partin1822 - 1900
  4. Shelton Clayton Partin1823 - 1902
  5. John Clayton Partin1825 -
  6. William C PartinABT 1827 - 1854
  7. Lucinda Partin1831 - 1914
  8. Malinda Partin1833 - AFT 1889
  9. James Byrd Partin1837 - 1922
  10. Mary Malissa Partin1838 - 1922
  11. Sarah Partin1839 - AFT 1889
m. 25 May 1842
Facts and Events
Name Shelton Clayton Partin
Gender Male
Birth? Feb 1823 Kentucky, United States
Marriage 25 May 1842 Knox, Kentucky, United Statesto Elizabeth Evans
Death? 1902 Bell, Kentucky, United States
  1.   LOUISA KING + ROBERT C. PARTIN - 1844 KNOX Co., KY, in

    Subject: GEN No. 2 of ELAM PARTIN Sr., to ROBERT C. PARTIN x LOUIS/ZA KING 1844 KNOX Co., KY

    Posted by: Miss >^oo^Message: Generation No. 2

    2. ROBERT C.8 PARTIN (ELAM SR.7, WILLIAM JR.6, WILLIAM5, WILLIAM COCKE4, ROBERT III3, ROBERT II2, ROBERT1) was born September 09, 1819 in Tennessee, and died October 20, 1900 in Fox Cem. Bell County.

    He married LOUIZA KING May 03, 1844 in Knox County Kentucky.

    Notes for ROBERT C. PARTIN:
    Robert Partin and wife Louisa King are shown to be buried in Fox Cemetary, in Bell Co. Go west on 92, first road right about 1/2 mi. after rt 225 , turn to right, Cem. on right.

    Children of ROBERT PARTIN and LOUIZA KING are:
    i. MARY JANE9 PARTIN, b. 1846; d. 1900; m. JONATHAN PARTIN, January 03, 1876, Bell Co. Kentucky.

    ii. CATHERINE PARTIN, b. 1847; d. December 01, 1923, Bell Co. Kentucky; m. WILLIAM J. PARTIN, November 08, 1866, Knox County Kentucky.

    iii. EMILY PARTIN, b. 1849, Knox County Kentucky; d. Abt. 1900; m. "MAANCC" PARTIN, August 31, 1889, Bell Co. Kentucky.

    iv. ELIZABETH PARTIN, b. January 23, 1853, Knox County Kentucky; d. July 22, 1919, Knox County Kentucky; m. JACKSON PARTIN, July 18, 1878, Bell Co. Kentucky.

    v. MALINDA PARTIN, b. March 29, 1856, Kentucky; d. March 21, 1934; m. ANDREW LOWE, March 08, 1877, Bell Co. Kentucky.

    vi. WILEY PARTIN, b. April 10, 1857, Knox County Kentucky; m. HANNA A. GOLDEN, November 18, 1876, Bell Co. Kentucky.

    vii. LOUISA PARTIN, b. 1860; d. July 11, 1946, Boyle Co. Ky; m. M. JNE. MARSEE, May 06, 1884, Bell Co. Kentucky.

    viii. SANDEL PARTIN, b. Abt. 1863, Kentucky; d. Abt. 1900; m. RONERT LOWE PARTIN, November 30, 1882, Bell Co. Kentucky.

    7. ix. ROBERT K. PARTIN, b. August 01, 1865; d. February 15, 1941, Whitley County, Ky..

    x. WESLEY PARTIN, b. February 26, 1870, Kentucky; d. February 26, 1917, Whitley County, Ky.; m. ANGELINE MAIDEN, July 26, 1888, Bell Co. Kentucky.

    xi. CLAYTON PARTIN, b. Abt. 1871; d. December 04, 1876, Bell Co. Kentucky.

    > WILLIAM5, WILLIAM COCKE4, ROBERT III3, ROBERT II2, ROBERT1) was born 1822 in Kentucky, and died January 1900. She married ANDERSON SR. PARTIN August 07, 1841 in Knox County Kentucky.

    i. LUCINDA9 PARTIN, b. June 01, 1852.

    4. SHELTON CLAYTON "SHELT"8 PARTIN (ELAM SR.7, WILLIAM JR.6, WILLIAM5, WILLIAM COCKE4, ROBERT III3, ROBERT II2, ROBERT1) was born February 1823 in KnoxCo., Kentucky, and died 1902 in Burr. Elliott Cem. Knox Co. Ky. (Mackey Bend).

    He married ELIZABETH M. "BETTY" EVANS May 25, 1842 in Knox County Kentucky, daughter of REV. EVANS and MARGARET BULL.

    Two different people told me Shelton C. Partin was buried in the Elliott Cemetary in Knox County. Less McNeal a older man "Had lived near the Cemetary all his life" identified a field stone as being his and
    I took a pictuer of it.
    Later I went back and placed a marker at his grave, put his name and dates on it. Tommie Elliott helped me errect the marker and told me he was burried there but he didn't know the exact grave, his family owned the land where the cemetary now is.
    Elliott Cemetary is located about seven miles below Barbourville, Ky. "off Hwy. 11 In
    a community called Mackey Bend, a bend in the
    Cumberland river"
    Another grave stone is beside his, It is perhaps Elizabeth's. Mr. McNeal also showed me my other G. Grandfathers grave stones
    "Joseph Turner"Which are plainly marked with name and date.
    Mima Partin, "one of the older children of Abija Partin" told me that Shelton C. and Joseph Turner both lived with William F. Partin and Wife China Turner, very near to the cemetary in their last days.

    by: John Ray Partin

    email is kittyparton@yahoo.comor or