Person:Sarah Wardwell (21)

Sarah Wardwell
b.14 OCT 1810 Albany, Oxford, ME
d.13 MAR 1867 Buxton, York, ME
m. 2 APR 1804
  1. Harriet Wardwell
  2. Mary Wardwell1804 - 1894
  3. Dorcas WardwellABT 1806 - BEF 1897
  4. Betsey Frye Wardwellabt 1808 - 1884
  5. Sarah Wardwell1810 - 1867
  6. Isaac Wardwell1812 - 1889
  7. Jacob Foster Wardwell1817 - 1840
  8. Emeline WardwellABT 1821 - BEF 1897
  9. Charles Albert Wardwell1826 - 1898
  10. Gilbert Wardwell1828 - 1897
m. 7 JUL 1837
  1. Marcus Wight1838 -
  2. Sarah Florinda Wight1843 - 1902
  3. Francis A. WightABT 1847 -
Facts and Events
Name Sarah Wardwell
Gender Female
Birth[1] 14 OCT 1810 Albany, Oxford, ME
Marriage 7 JUL 1837 Albany, Oxford, MEto Marcus Wight
Death[2] 13 MAR 1867 Buxton, York, ME

"MRS. SARAH WIGHT, wife of Rev. Marcus WIght, of the Maine Annual Conference, died March 18, at Buxton, Me., in her 57th year. She was a daughter of the late Col. Isaac and Mary of Albany, Me. She In her childhood and youth was accustomed to wait upon the ministry of the Congregationalists. When about 10 years old, she was led to the Saviour through the instrumentality of Rev. David Copeland, then traveling Waterford Circuit. She always maintained an acceptable Christian character. When about 26 years of age, she united her interests and happiness with Bro. Wight. With him she lived a faithful and loving Christian wife. She took a great interest In the welfare of her family, consisting of a husband, son and daughter. We never knew a member of any church who was a greater lover of the house of worship, or one who felt more in earnest to honor their profession. Several years since she attended a camp meeting at Kendall MiIIs, where she received the blessing of holiness, giving ample evidence that her profession was a reality. Of this the brothers and sisters at Brunswick and elsewhere will testify. In her husband's absence she maintained family, devotions, and urged upon her children the Importance of religion in youth. A short time before her death she prayed that the family all might be at last an unbroken family In heaven. Her religion was not of the fitful kind, but as a steady, shining light. Her disease was consumption. Steadily for almost three years was this inveterate enemy lessening her vitality; but amid all her sufferings, which she patiently endured, her eye was heavenward. As she lived a Christian, a Christian she died. In this dispensation the church has lost a faithful member, sinners a light, the family a good wife and mother. May this death be sanctified to the good of all." -Zion's Herald and Wesleyan Journal 10 April 1867

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    Zion's Herald and Wesleyan Journal 10 April 1867