Person:Sarah Unknown (3003)

Sarah _____
Facts and Events
Name Sarah _____
Gender Female
Marriage to John Brown
  1.   Shannon, Robert. Matthew Brown, ancestry and descendants. (Washington [District of Columbia]: L.C. Photoduplication Service, 1985)
    Page 31.

    James Brown was probably the younger of the two sons of John Brown and Isabel Wier, and was born in Scotland, about 1685. He was reared in the Province of Ulster, Ireland, where he married, and from whence he emigrated to America in 1720, locating on the Swatara creek, Lancaster (now Dauphin) county, Pa. He died about 1750; his widow survived him several years. They had issue, of whom we have the following:
    i. John, married Mary Carnahan
    ii. Andrew
    iii. James; married, and left issue, of whom was John, William and Andrew. John died in 1785, leaving a widow, Sarah, and six children, Mary, who married John Lord; John, William, James, Richard and Andrew. William Brown, born in 1733, became quite prominent on the frontiers, and was an officer in Rev. Col. Elder’s battalion during the French and Indian war. He was one of the prime movers at the Hanover meeting of June 9, 1775, and at once raised a company of Associators, which was in active service during the Jersey Campaign of 1776. He was subsequently in command of his company with the expedition to the West Branch against the Indians and Tories in 1779. After the close of the Revolution he was influential in political affairs. He served as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 1792 and 1793, and was chosen one of the Presidential Electors in 1797, voting for Mr. Jefferson. Captain Brown died July 20, 1808, at the age of seventy-five years, and is interred in the old Hanover grave-yard. He married and left descendants, but they have followed in the footsteps of the other Scotch-Irish and passed from out of the old homes.
    iv. Patrick, a Revolutionary soldier, and a resident of Cumberland county, Pa.
    v. Samuel
    vi. William; was an officer in the Provincial service, quite prominent on the frontiers; died January 1771. Married and left issue: Ann, born 1754; Mary, born 1756; William, born 1758; John, born 1761; James, born 1763.