Person:Sarah Tozer (1)

Sarah Tozer
  • F.  Simon Tozer (add)
  • M.  Mary (add)
m. Bef 1693
  1. Mary TozerAbt 1693 -
  2. John Tozer1694 -
  3. Abigail Tozer1701 -
  4. Richard Tozer1701 -
  5. Sarah Tozer1702/03 -
  6. Judith Tozer1704 -
Facts and Events
Name Sarah Tozer
Alt Name[3] Susannah Tozer
Gender Female
Birth[1] 27 Jan 1702/03 Weston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Christening[2] 16 Jul 1710 Weston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Historical Society of Watertown (Massachusetts). Watertown Records. (Watertown, Mass.: Press of Fred Barker, 1894-1939)
    Vol. 2, p. 30.

    Susanna Tozer Daughter of Simon & Mary Tozer born ye : 27th : of Jan : 1702.
    [Note: must be 1702/03 based on birth of Abigail and Richard July 1701.]

  2. Weston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Town of Weston, Births, Deaths and Marriages, 1707-1850: 1703-gravestones-1900, church records, 1709-1825. (Boston: McIndoe Bros., 1901)
    p. 389.

    July 16 [1710].
    Mary - 16: Last Aug't. / John - 14. Oct'r. / Abigail, Richard } Twins 10. next July / Sarah - 8. Last Jan'ry / Judith - 9. Last Jan'ry } Child'n of Simon & Mary Tozer.

  3. Based on the ages, and the surrounding siblings, there does not appear to be room for both a Susanna and and a Sarah in this family. It appears it is one child being referred to, as Susanna in her birth record and as Sarah in the baptism record. Since she is named Sarah in her father's probate [Middlesex Probate 22713, note she is shown after Abigail and Richard, but before Judith], whatever the reason for the above discrepancy, it is assumed she ultimately went by Sarah.

    The ages given in the baptism record do not align with birth records, and probably are not literally possible, since it seems to say Judith and Abigail and Richard are all 9 at the time of writing. It is assumed that this was too many details for the clerk to correctly capture all at once. Not that the birth records are necessarily correct, since the births were recorded in a group, which may indicate an after-the-fact recording of the entire family.

    The family is shown with Susanna, and not Sarah, in Bond (b. 27 Jan 1702-3) and Barry (b. Jan. 1702). So Susanna has been included as an alternate name to aid searching by people based on that input. However, as explained, it is suspected that Sarah is correct, based on the information at hand.