Person:Sarah Tilden (1)

Sarah Tilden
chr.13 Jun 1613 Tenterden, Kent, England
m. 13 Oct 1606
  1. Thomas Tilden1608 - 1618/19
  2. Mary Tilden1610 - aft 1690
  3. Joseph Tilden1611/12 - 1611/12
  4. Sarah Tilden1613 - 1677
  5. Joseph Tilden1615 - 1670
  6. Stephen Tilden1617 - 1619
  7. Thomas Tilden1618/19 - bet 1704/05
  8. Judith Tilden1620 - aft 1664
  9. Winifred Tilden1622 - 1627
  10. Lydia Tilden1624 - 1624
  11. Lydia Tilden1625 - Aft 1670
  12. Stephen Tilden1629 - 1711
m. 13 Mar 1635/36
  1. Joseph Sutton, Sr1637 - 1695
  2. Daniel Sutton1639 - 1710/11
  3. William Sutton1641 - 1718
  4. Nathaniel Sutton1643 - 1682
  5. Lydia Sutton1646 - Abt 1647
  6. Sarah Sutton1648 - Abt 1649
  7. Sarah Sutton1650 - 1714
  8. Elizabeth Sutton1653 - 1699/00
Facts and Events
Name[1][3] Sarah Tilden
Gender Female
Christening[2] 13 Jun 1613 Tenterden, Kent, EnglandSt. Mildred's
Marriage 13 Mar 1635/36 Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto George Sutton
Death[4] 20 Mar 1677 Perquimans, North Carolina, United States


I'm not really sure this will be of much help.... but here goes anyway --- my line of Suttons came from PA through Ohio to SE Iowa -- the only Jesse I show is son of born prob circa 1700 -- and I don't have much info on him --

but my family is descendent from George & Sarah [Tilden] Sutton as far as I can tell -- and we are via the 4 brother preachers... David, Isaac, Moses & ?? --

anyway - to make a short story longer - Rev. Milton Sutton, (born in 1814 in PA) his brothers & sisters, and his grandparents came to Ohio - Huron county- around 1810 - Milton moved to Mt Pleasant, Henry, Iowa - I know that the family was there in 1876 - that's when my great grandfather was born --

well, I'm thinking that your Jesse is probably a cousin of my Milton - and that the family kind of moved west together - in small groups -- or maybe they followed your trader

you should check the tax rolls for the area & see how many Suttons you can find - then follow them back to through Ohio - and I'm sure you'll find your connections

let me know if this helps any - sure would like to connect more of us Sutton cousins together -- thanks, Christine in MN

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    From parish registers of St. Mildred's Church, Tenterden
    [Baptisms] 1613 Sarah daughter of Nathaniell Tilden 13 June.

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