Person:Sarah Steele (33)

Sarah Steele
b.est. 1735
m. est. 1730-1735
  1. Sarah Steeleest 1735 -
  2. Elizabeth Steelebef 1736 -
  3. Mary Steeleest 1736 -
  4. Samuel Steeleabt 1738 -
  5. Martha Steeleest 1742 -
  6. Robert Steeleabt 1743 - bef 1813
m. bef. 1753
  1. Isabella Mooreest 1750-1760 -
Facts and Events
Name Sarah Steele
Gender Female
Birth? est. 1735
Marriage bef. 1753 to Alexander Moore, of the Borden Tract

Sarah Steele, daughter of Andrew Steele was named in her father's will. She is thought to be the wife of Alexander Moore, who lived nearby in the Borden Tract. By the process of elimination of children named in her father's will, she appears to be the only likely candidate as the wife of Alexander Moore, named as one of Andrew Steele's sons-in-law in his will. Unfortunately, no records exist in Augusta County naming Alexander Moore's wife's name.