Person:Sarah Kilkenny (1)

Sarah Unknown
b.Bef. 1762
d.16 March 1839
  • HJohn KilkennyBef 1759 - bef 1801
  • WSarah UnknownBef 1762 - 1839
m. prob. bef. 1779
  1. John Kilkenny1779 -
  2. James KilkennyBef 1781 -
  3. Sarah KilkennyBef 1787 -
  • HEnos Jones1737 - BET 1806
  • WSarah UnknownBef 1762 - 1839
m. 26 MAR 1805
Facts and Events
Name Sarah Unknown
Gender Female
Birth? Bef. 1762
Marriage prob. bef. 1779 to John Kilkenny
Marriage 26 MAR 1805 Augusta County, Virginiato Enos Jones
Death? 16 March 1839

Two Marriages of Sarah (Unknown)

Sarah (Unknown) was married twice; first to John Kilkenny, who died prior to 26 March 1805, when Sarah married 2nd, Enos Jones.

Chalkley's record proving Sarah's two marriages:

  • Page 175.- (undated, but appears to be sometime around 1802) -John Kilkeney's estate in account with Sarah Jones (late Sarah Kilkenny) and Andrew Horouff (Harouff), administrators.

The following post explains the relationships:

Enos Jones of Augusta Co., VA and his two wives Posted by: Jim Schneider (ID *****5682) Date: December 23, 2009 at 16:08:45

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Enos Jones, born December, 1737, in Gwynedd, Montgomery Co. (then part of Philadelphia Co.), PA, married 1st around 1755, probably in Norristown, Montgomery Co., PA, Louisa Dorothea Magdalena Maurer, born March 1739 in Germany. After living in Norristown for twenty or so years, the family relocated around 1775 to Loudoun Co., VA, where they acquired land and stayed for the next four or five years. In 1778, they purchased land in Augusta Co., VA, not far from Staunton, and relocated once again. Enos Jones died in July of 1806, just short of his 69th year and his will refers to his wife “Sarah” and his many children. Although there are published references to an 1805 marriage between Enos Jones and a Sarah Kilkenny, I have always believed the Enos mentioned was one of his grandchildren and that the “Sarah” of his will was Sarah Maurer or Mowry as the name came to be anglicized.

Recent research by Stuart Clifton of Huntsville, AL, has shown conclusively that Enos Jones, Sr., did indeed marry a 2nd time, just a little over a year before his death, to Sarah Kilkenny, widow of John Kilkenny, and she is the “Sarah” mentioned in his 1806 will. This marriage took place in Augusta Co., VA, on 26 March 1805. Enos Jones died a little more than a year after this 2nd marriage took place. Some of Stu’s findings include the following Augusta County citations along with his notations:

1) Will Book 24, pp399-402. This was a surprise in that I had supposed that the administration account for the estate of Enos Jones was settled in 1825. But this was not so. In fact payments went on for another 17 years and the account was not closed until October 21st, 1842. Enos’ will devised an annuity to be paid to his wife Sarah until she died, and according to the account this happened on March 16, 1839. Payments to the children also made during this period and after her death were to: Anne Silling, Lydia Silling, Elizabeth Koontz, Hannah Swink, and “William Griffith and Jemimah, his wife.” The administrators for the account now included John Jones, administrator of the estate of Peter Jones, one of the executors of the will of Enos Jones.

2) Deed Book 33, p446. Enos Jones bought the 27 acres that he devised to his wife on July 4, 1806 (and recorded on the 22nd) from John Kilkenny and others including John Clingenpeel and Sarah, late Sarah Kilkenny, his wife [the daughter of John Kilkenny], heirs of John Kilkenny, dec’d. [I note that the will of Enos Jones says 23 acres.]

3) Deed Book 50, p30. This deed was the “Rosetta Stone” regarding the uncertainties about Sarah Jones! Sarah sold two parcels of land on Oct 9, 1827. The deed clearly states that one of these was 2/3 of a 27-acre tract devised to her by her husband Enos Jones; and that this was the tract conveyed to Enos Jones by John Kilkenny [My notes say John Kilkenny, but it might have been John Clingenpeel], and “that the said Sarah Jones (formerly Sarah Kilkenny)…” in addition to 1/3 part [obtained] on her own right by a conveyance from James Kilkenny [the son of John Kilkenny & Sarah] & wife [Peggy Coiner]on May 12, 1804. The other tract was 2 acres she bought from the heirs of Andrew Scott on Dec 19, 1818.

4) Deed Book 40, p 233. I revisited this record and confirmed that the land sold by Enos Jones and Catharine was indeed land originally part of a tract of 895 acres granted to Enos Jones by an inclusive grant dated Oct 15, 1790 and by the said Enos Jones, dec’d was 567 acres devised by his will to Isaiah and Enos Jones, and by Isaiah Jones the said 216 acres was conveyed to the said Enos Jones….

Thus we can say that the 1st wife of Enos Jones, Louisa Dorothea Magdalena Maurer/Mowry, probably was not called “Sarah” and that she died sometime between 1785 when their youngest child was born (from the 1850 census) and 1805 when Enos Jones married his 2nd wife, Sarah Kilkenny. Unfortunately, the 1790 and 1800 census records for Augusta County have not survived so a closer approximation of her death is not possible unless another researcher knows of a cemetery inscription or church record. Further, all of the descendants of Enos Jones are from his 1st marriage.