Person:Sarah Heald (3)

Sarah Heald
b.Est 1620 England
  • HJohn LeonardEst 1615 - Bef 1676
  • WSarah HealdEst 1620 - 1711
m. 12 Nov 1640
  1. John Leonard1641 - 1648
  2. Joseph Leonard1642/43 - 1643
  3. Joseph Leonard1644 - 1716
  4. Sarah Leonard1645 - 1675/76
  5. Mary Leonard1647 - 1723/24
  6. Martha Leonard1649 -
  7. Lydia Leonard1650 - 1682/83
  8. John Leonard1652 - 1662/63
  9. Benjamin Leonard1654 - 1724
  10. Abel Leonard1656 - 1689/90
  11. Josiah Leonard1658 - 1688
  12. Hannah Leonard1659 -
  13. Rebecca Leonard1661 -
  14. Deborah Leonard1663 -
  15. Rachel Leonard1665 -
m. 21 Feb 1676/77
m. 3 Nov 1690
Facts and Events
Name[1] Sarah Heald
Married Name Sarah Leonard
Married Name Sarah Parsons
Married Name Sarah Tilton
Gender Female
Birth[1] Est 1620 EnglandEstimate based on date of first marriage.
Marriage 12 Nov 1640 Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United Statesto John Leonard
Marriage 21 Feb 1676/77 Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United Statesto Deacon Benjamin Parsons
Marriage 3 Nov 1690 Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United Statesto Peter Tilton
Death[1][2] 23 Nov 1711 Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Springfield Deaths, in Jacobus, Donald Lines, and Edgar Francis Waterman. Hale, House and Related Families, Mainly of the Connecticut River Valley. (Hartford: The Connecticut Historical Society, 1952)

    "… Sarah Heald, born in England, died at Springfield, 23 Nov. 1711. … [Her] origin is … unknown, and since no Heald family was early settled at Springfield, she may have been brought there by a relative or as an indentured servant. It should be noted that in the next generation Gershom Hale or Heald, son of John Heald of Concord, settled in Springfield, and Sarah may have been Gershom's aunt and sister of John. …

    After the widow's death, action was taken to distribute her dower, 10 Sept. 1714. 'As to a Distribution of the Wd Sarah Tilton, alias Leonard's Thirds of the lands of her first Husband Leonard's estate which is £120 by the Court apprizal which is to Joseph Leonard £21.16.5 to the rest of the children being nine £10.18.12 apiece the sons and their heirs to have all the lands and the daughters and their heirs to be paid their shares by said sons in equall proportion.' Distribution was made 8 Apr. 1718 of 'some land in Springfield that was heretofore the estate of John Leonard … and left to or settle upon Sarah Leonard the widow … which land lyeth over Agawam River,' mention being made of the agreement of 10 Jan. 1676/7. The heirs named were: Joseph Leonard Dec'd's heirs (a double portion); Benjamin; Josiah Leonard representative of Josiah Dec'd; the representatives of Sarah Keep; Mary Bliss; the representatives of Martha Waite; the representatives of Lydia Bedortha; the representatives of Hannah Simon; Rebecca Billings; the representatives of Rachel Hancock; and Deborah Looff."

  2. Stott, Clifford L. Vital Records of Springfield, Massachusetts to 1850. (Boston, Massachusetts: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2002)

    "mrs Sarah Tilton the Relict of Peter Tilton Esq was Sicke & died November. 23. 1711"