Person:Samuel Wood (37)

m. bef. 1731
  1. Thomas Wood1731 -
  2. John Wood1735 - 1816
  3. Judge Samuel Wood1737 - 1800
m. 1763
  • HJudge Samuel Wood1737 - 1800
  • WSarah Reives1747 - 1839
m. ABT 1771
  1. William Wood1773 - 1851
  2. James E. Wood1774 - 1849
  3. Samuel Wood1777 - 1849
  4. Thomas Wood1779 - 1834
  5. Abraham Wood1781 - 1862
  6. John Wood1783 - 1861
  7. George Wood1787 - 1854
  8. Mary WoodAbt 1790 -
Facts and Events
Name Judge Samuel Wood
Gender Male
Birth? 2 May 1737 All Saints Parish, Leicester, England
Marriage 1763 Leicester, Leicestershire, Englandto Mary Robertson
Marriage ABT 1771 Virginiato Sarah Reives
Death? August 1800 Jonesboro, Washington County, Tennessee

Wood Family Information

From "Samuel Wood", by William L. & Vera Wood and Ruby M. Whitaker Buck, (added with permission):

The Wood family of Bunker Hill Township traces its beginning to Leicestershire England. Samuel Wood, who later sired seven sons, was born on the 2nd day of May, 1737. His father, William, was a woolcomber and Samuel started a woolcomber apprenticeship with Thomas Jones in 1751. Samuel failed to complete his seven year apprenticeship when he crossed the Atlantic in 1755 to join his brothers, Thomas and John. He sailed on the vessel “Hopewell” which landed in Alexandra, Va. To pay for his passage he may have had to serve with the Colonial troops, since family records state that he was in the service of Col. George Washington and also with General Braddock at Fort Duquesne.

After the peace of 1763, Samuel returned to Virginia where he was employed by some of the large plantation owners of Fairfax and Loudoun Counties. He married Sarah Reives in 1772. During the American Revolution, Samuel Wood, due to his lameness and poor health, could not serve in the military, but he performed patriotic service for his new country by giving his pewter tableware to be melted and made into bullets, and after the battle near Alexandria, he and Sarah nursed the sick and wounded soldiers in their home. Samuel is listed in the DAR patriot index. Samuel and Sarah’s first four sons, William, James, Samuel, and Thomas were born between 1773 and 1779 near the “Great Falls of the Potomac River” in Loudoun County, Va. In 1781, Samuel, Sarah and the four boys moved to Washington county North Carolina, (later to become Washington county, Tennessee). There three more sons, Abraham, John and George were born. Samuel died sometime before August of 1800 as his will was proven then.

Records of Samuel Wood

  • 16 May 1796 - In conjunction with the reorganization of the Washington County, Tenessee Court to conform to the provisions of the Tennessee state constitution, the magistrates commissioned by Tennessee Governor Sevier were James Stuart, John Tipton, John Wise, John Adams, John Strain, Henry Nelson, Joseph Young, Joseph Crouch, William Nelson, Robert Blair, Jesse Payne, Isaac DePew, Charles McCray, Samuel Wood, Jacob Brown, John Alexander, Joseph Britton, John Norwood, and John Gammon. [Source: Goodspeed's History of Washington County, Tennessee].


"Samuel Wood", by William L. & Vera Wood and Ruby M. Whitaker Buck (Contains a wealth of information on this family)