Person:Samuel Wilson (63)

m. Bef 1801
  1. Louisa Wilson1802 - 1869
  2. Ebenezer Wilson, Jr1806 - Bef 1870
  3. Irena Wilson1809 - 1809
  4. Lucinda Wilson1811 - Aft 1880
  5. Samuel Bowers Wilson1813 - 1885
  6. Hon. Rowley Winfield Wilson1816 - 1877
m. 26 Aug 1841
  1. Harriet Anna Stanley, (adopted)1842 - 1917
  2. Henry William Wilson1844 - 1915
  3. Charles Edgar Wilson1847 - 1902
  4. James Lester Wilson1853 - 1910
  5. Lewis Eugene Wilson1857 - 1922
Facts and Events
Name[16] Samuel Bowers Wilson
Alt Name[1][16] Samuel Bauer Wilson
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3] 24 Apr 1813 Middlebury, Wyoming, New York, United States
Property[10] 1832 Shelby, Macomb, Michigan, United States78A (E 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 31) - South of Auburn Road between Huling Street and Tanzanite Boulevard, NE of M-59 and Dequindre Road
Residence[7][15] ca 1835 Oxford, Oakland, Michigan, United StatesFirst frame house in Oxford Township - North of Drahner Road
Property[7][11][12][13] 1838 Oxford (township), Oakland, Michigan, United States80A (N 1/2 of NE 1/4 of Section 34) - SE corner of Drahner Road at Pontiac Road, West of M-24 between the villages of Lake Orion and Oxford
Residence? 1841 Bethany, Genesee, New York, United Statesper marriage announcement
Marriage 26 Aug 1841 Darien, Genesee, New York, United Statesto Susan Anna Newton
Military[3][4] 1846 Fulton, Illinois, United StatesMexican War
Occupation? 1850, 1860 Carpenter (per census data)
Census 1850 Royal Oak (township), Oakland, Michigan, United Statesas "S B and Susan Willson"
with Susan Anna Newton
Census 1860 Tallmadge (township), Ottawa, Michigan, United Stateswith Susan Anna Newton
Property[9] 1864 Allendale (township), Ottawa, Michigan, United States40A (NW 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Section 27) - SE corner of 68th Avenue and Lake Michigan Drive
Residence 1864 Allendale (township), Ottawa, Michigan, United Stateswith Susan Anna Newton
Occupation? 1870, 1880 Farmer (per census data)
Census 1870 Allendale, Ottawa, Michigan, United Stateswith Susan Anna Newton
Census 1880 Allendale, Ottawa, Michigan, United Stateswith Susan Anna Newton
Census 1884 Allendale, Ottawa, Michigan, United Stateswith Susan Anna Newton
Death[1][2][3][8] 30 Aug 1885 Allendale, Ottawa, Michigan, United States
Burial[2][3] Allendale Township Cemetery, Allendale, Ottawa, Michigan, United StatesLot 149

Samuel was born and reared near Middlebury NY. The families of his grandfather Capt. Ebenezer Wilson, his father Maj. Ebenezer Wilson, and his uncles were among the founders of Middlebury NY which they named for their previous home town, Middlebury VT. In the mid to late 1830s most of the Wilson clan removed to Illinois, becoming the founders of Batavia IL.

After the death of his mother Katharine (Bowers) Wilson while Samuel was yet a teenager, his father Maj. Ebenezer Wilson remarried Samantha Van Epps. About 1825 to 1828 the family removed to Oakland County MI. In 1832 Samuel with his brothers Ebenezer and Rowley recorded title to 80 Acres in the east edge of Shelby Township (now in Macomb County); in 1835 Burgess Calkin (brother-in-law) recorded title to land nearby. About 1835 Samuel built the first frame house in Oxford Township. In 1838 Samuel recorded title to 80 Acres in the south edge of Oxford Township; in 1840 Burgess Calkin recorded title to land nearby. Samuel and his younger brother Rowley probably returned to Middlebury NY around 1840. Meanwhile Louisa, Ebenezer Jr. and Lucinda remained in Oakland County MI with their spouses.

In 1840 Samuel's brother Rowley married Adaline Harrington (probably in New York) and soon thereafter removed to Illinois. In 1841 Samuel married Susan Newton (in New York) and soon thereafter followed his brother to Illinois. Adaline (Harrington) Wilson died in 1942 (in Illinois) and Rowley remarried Adaline's sister Eveline. The older brother Ebenezer Wilson Jr. moved to Illinois around the same time, where he remarried Salome Mead in 1846, after the death of his first wife. Ebenezer Jr stayed near his uncles and cousins at Batavia IL. Samuel and Rowley moved on to northwestern Illinois and the Wisconsin Territory.

Before 1850 Samuel and Susan were back in Oakland County MI, living nearby his sister Lucinda and her second husband Burgess Calkins. Before 1860 Samuel B and Susan moved to Ottawa County MI where they settled for the rest of their lives. Around the same time Lucinda and her husband moved to Kent County MI about 40 miles away. Around 1850 Rowley left his wife and children in Wisconsin and joined the California Gold Rush. He brought his family to California a few years later and eventually they settled in Oregon.

Ebenezer Jr and his wife Salome moved to Kansas, where she died before 1860 and he died in the early 1860s. During or after the Civil War Ebenzeer moved to Ottawa County MI where he lived near his brother Samuel. Here his younger daughters Catharine (Katie) and Mary Salome Wilson married John Lobdell and David Everts, respectively.

It is indicative of the times that Samuel's father, his two brothers and his sister Lucinda were each widowed young and soon re-married, while Louisa appears to have been the second wife of Adolphus Gould. In his immediate family only Samuel and his wife Susan are known to have lived the remainder of their lives with their first spouses. The Wilson brothers lived in at least five different states and territories. They and their wives were buried in Michigan, Illinois, (possibly) Kansas and Oregon.

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  16. 16.0 16.1 His name is Samuel B Wilson in most public records.

    It appears he was named for his mother's father Samuel Bowers.

    The middle name Bauer seems to have been passed as oral tradition and does not appear on any contemporary documents. No public records have been found for a Samuel Bauer Wilson that match any of the known facts of his life. The village of Bauer lies near the border of Allendale and Georgetown Townships, Ottawa County MI so it is easy to understand that Nettie and her daughters would use that spelling when compiling the Wilson family history.
  17.   Identification of parents of Samuel (Bauer or Bowers) Wilson:

    1) Family legends say Samuel B Wilson's parents came from Vermont. Ebenezer Wilson and Katharine Bowers married in Vermont ca 1800 and moved to New York ca 1808. Samuel was born in New York in 1813.

    2) Family legends also say Samuel B Wilson was a nephew of "Uncle Sam" Wilson of Troy NY. In fact "Uncle Sam" Wilson did have a brother Ebenezer Wilson who also lived at Troy NY. "Uncle Sam" Wilson had a son Samuel who died young. His brother Ebenezer did not have a son named Samuel. His brother Nathaniel Wilson had a son Samuel who removed to Pennsylvania. No other brother of "Uncle Sam" Wilson is known to have had a son named Samuel, however this possibility cannot be excluded.

    3) "Uncle Sam" Wilson of Troy NY and all of his siblings were born in Massachusetts. None of this Wilson family are known to have lived in Vermont.

    4) Samuel Wilson married Susan Newton at Darien NY. Darien is not far from Middlebury where the Michael Wilson clan settled in the early 1800s, nor from nearby Bethany NY where Samuel was reported to reside at the time of his marriage. However Darien is about 250 miles from Troy. It is not likely that a son of the prominent Wilson family in Troy would meet and marry a humble farm girl in Darien.

    5) Ken Stevens book says Ebenezer and Katharine (Bowers) Wilson had a son Samuel who moved to Michigan with Ebenezer and Samantha (Van Epps) Wilson in 1828. Only the newborn daughter Irena and (later) her mother Katharine were buried in New York. Both the father and his son Ebenezer were recorded in the 1830 and 1834 census in Oakland County MI. The father applied for a veteran's pension in 1834 in Michigan.

    6) Both of Samuel B Wilson's brothers were named for their parents or grand-parents (Ebenezer Wilson, Lydia Rowley) so it seems likely that Samuel was named for his maternal grand-father Samuel Bowers, who died shortly before Samuel was born.

    7) The brothers Ebenezer Wilson, Samuel B Wilson and Rowley W Wilson jointly purchased land in Macomb County MI (then part of Oakland County) in 1832, while Samuel and Rowley were yet teenagers. Later Samuel B Wilson purchased land in Oakland County near his brother-in-law Burgess Calkins.

    8) The obituary and census records of Rowley Winfield Wilson describe his migration from New York to Michigan, back to New York to marry, then to Illinois and Wisconsin Territory, then to California and finally to Oregon. Clearly Rowley was a leader and adventurer. It appears that Samuel followed a parallel path until Rowley joined the California gold rush - about this time Samuel apparently headed back to his sisters in Michigan.

    9) Mary Salome Wilson, the daughter of Ebenezer and Salome (Mead) Wilson (living with her widowed father in Kansas in 1860), first married in 1867 at Georgetown Township, Ottawa MI which adjoins Allendale Township where Samuel and Susan (Newton) Wilson were living. Her older sister Catharine (Katie) Wilson married about the same time in the same place, and died there a few years later. According to the Lobdell family history, Ebenezer Wilson was living in Georgetown, Ottawa County when his daughter Katie married John Lobdell

    10) The 1880 census records for Samuel B Wilson and Lucinda (Wilson) Calkins (sister) both state that their father was born in Vermont and their mother in New Jersey. Ebenezer Wilson was born in Vermont. Katharine (or Catharine) Bowers was born in New Jersey.

    11) Samuel B Wilson lived in proximity to close family of Ebenezer and Katherine (Bowers) Wilson:

    a) Ebenezer Wilson (father), Ebenezer Jr and Rowley Wilson (brothers) and Louisa Gould and Lucinda Calkins (sisters) in 1832 to 1838 - Oakland County MI (However it is possible though not likely that this may have been a different Samuel B Wilson)

    b) John Sanford Bowers (uncle) in 1841 - Bethany, Genesee County NY

    c) Ebenezer Jr and Rowley Winfield Wilson (brothers) in 1840s - Illinois and Wisconsin Territory

    d) Henry and Charles Wilson (sons of Samuel) and their cousins Albert and George Wilson (sons of Rowley) appear to have been born near Galena IL around the same time (Nov 1844 to Jan 1848).

    e) Louisa (Wilson) Gould and Lucinda (Wilson) Calkins (sisters) in 1850 - Oakland County MI

    f) Ebenezer Wilson and his younger daughters Catharine (Katie) and Mary Salome Wilson in 1867 - Ottawa County MI