Person:Samuel Smith (2)

Lieutenant Samuel Smith
m. 6 Oct 1624
  1. Lieutenant Samuel Smith1625 -
  2. Elizabeth Smith1626/27 - Aft 1701/02
  3. Mary Smith1628 - 1668
  4. Philip Smith1630 - 1631
  5. Deacon Philip Smith1632 - 1685
  6. Ensign Chileab Smith1636 - 1731
  7. John Smithest 1638 - 1676
  • HLieutenant Samuel Smith1625 -
  • WRebecca Smith1631 - aft 1679/80
m. bef 1664
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Lieutenant Samuel Smith
Gender Male
Christening[1][3] 6 Oct 1625 Whatfield, Suffolk, EnglandSt. Margaret's
Marriage bef 1664 to Rebecca Smith

"Early in 1664, Samuel Smith left his wife and left New London, settling at Roanoke and then Carolina. Shortly before his departure he was frequently seen at the tavern maintained by Humphrey Clay and his wife, spending his time with their daughter, Sarah Clay, who accompanied him when he left town. Just before his departure, Smith boasted of getting Alice (Smith) Tinker with child, although Alice claimed the father was Jeremiah Blinman. Rev. Gershom Bulkeley and others wrote to Samuel Smith attempting to convince him to return to Connecticut, but he refused. Nicholas White visited Smith and found that “he had a young wife” in Carolina. Rebecca (Smith) Smith returned to Wethersfield and apparently obtained a divorce, for by 1669 she had married Nathaniel Bowman. Both Calkins (New London History, 150f) and Stiles (Wethersfield History, 2:647) saw the letters and depositions relating to Smith’s departure for the south, but suppressed the reports of his dalliance with other women."[1]

Prindle relied on the newspaper articles (The Hartford Times) for the baptismal records. Examination of microfilm of the parish registers by Myrtle S. Hyde led to corrected dates for most of these (Smith) baptisms.[1]

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