Person:Samuel Porter (61)

Samuel Porter
b.18 Dec 1701 Belfast, Ireland
m. Bef 1701
  1. Samuel Porter1701 - Bef 1789
  2. Robert Porter
  3. John Porter
  4. James Porter
  5. Jannet Porter
  • HSamuel Porter1701 - Bef 1789
  • WSarah Byers1716 - 1796
  1. Mathew Porter
  2. Agnes Porter
  3. David Porter1742 -
  4. James Porter1750 -
  5. VIolet Porter1752 -
  6. Ann Porter1754 -
  7. Ruth Porter1755 -
  8. Rebecca Porter
  9. Nathaniel Porter - Bef 1784
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Porter
Gender Male
Birth? 18 Dec 1701 Belfast, Ireland
Death? Bef 13 Feb 1789 Camden District, South Carolina

Will Transcript

State of South Carolina
In the name of God. Amen. The twenty eighth day of July, I, Samuel Porter, of Camden District in the Province of South Carolina, being sick in body but of good and sound memory, thanks be to Almighty God, calling to remembrance the uncertain estate of this life, do make, constitute, ordain and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, revoking and annulling by these presents all and every testament or testaments, Will and Wills heretofore by me made and declared either by work or writing and this to take place only for my last Will and Testament and none other.
I give and commit my soul unto Almighty God my Creator, and my body to be buried in such a place where it shall please my Executors, hereafter named, to appoint. And now for the settling of my temporal estates and such goods and chattels as it hath pleased God to bestow upon me.
I do order, give and dispose the same in manner and form following.
That is to say first I will that all those debts and dues I owe to any person or persons whatsoever shall be well and truly paid or ordained to be paid within a convenient time after my decease by my Executors, hereafter named.
I give and bequeath unto my oldest son, Mathew Porter, the sum of five shillings Sterling.
To my daughter, Agnes, the sum of five shillings Sterling.
To my son, David, the sum of five shillings Sterling.
To my daughter, Violet, the sum of five shillings, Sterling.
To my son, James, the sum of five shillings Sterling.
To my son, Nathaniel, the plantation or tract of land that I now live on with the improvement I will and bequeath.
I will that my well beloved wife, Sarah, shall have the one third of the produce of said plantation or tract of land with the one third share or part of any profits arising from said plantation during her time of life, with all my household furniture at her disposal, use to be disposed of her with an equal divide betwixt Ann, my daughter, and my daughter, Ruth. As likewise to my wife, Sarah, I will and bequeath my horse and mare together with my horned cattle and hogs, excepting one sow I give and bequeath to my daughter, Rebecca. :I give and bequeath to Rebecca the young horse colt and twenty five pounds lawful money of South Carolina. I give and bequeath to Rebecca to be paid unto her by my son, Nathaniel. It is my will that Rebecca shall have and enjoy the use of my horse and mare to ride to sermon and other necessary places.
I do order and appoint William Byers Senior (Capt.) and David Porter to take care that this my last Will and Testament be executed and disposed of according to the true intent and meaning thereof.
Signed and Sealed in presence of us this 28th day of July 1774.
(Signed) Samuel Porter [Seal]
William Williamson
William Byers
Recorded February 13, 1789 Book “A-12” Page 12 Case No 61 File No 357
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    Sarah Byers
    The sister of David and Capt. William Byers, was born October 21, 1716 in Exeter,
    Devonshire, England. Since David was born in 1721 in Ireland the family would have moved between those years. Sarah married Samuel Porter, born December 18, 1701 in Belfast, Shire of Down and Province of Ulster in Ireland. Available evidence would suggest they were married in Chester Co., Pennsylvania.
    Samuel died at the age of 87 and Sarah died when 78. Both died in York Co., South Carolina and are buried in Beersheba cemetery with a single stone for both.
    Lancaster County, PA. Wills
    On September 9, 1745 the Will of Robert Porter was proved with Mary Porter, wife, listed as Executrix. Listed as children were: Robert Porter, John Porter, James Porter, Samuel Porter and Jannet Porter.
    From the Will of Samuel Porter we obtain the names of his children. Viz: Mathew Porter wed Mary; Agnes Porter wed Enoch Enloe; David Porter wed Jane Byers [Daughter of David Byers Family I] Ann Porter wed Robert Kennedy; Ruth Porter wed William Wallace; and Rebecca Porter.