Person:Samuel McKinney (2)

Samuel McKinney
b.est. 1730-40
Facts and Events
Name Samuel McKinney
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1730-40

Records in Kentucky

Will of John Briggs, all estate to my wife Mary during her life and at her death, descend to Stephen McKinney, son of Enoch McKinney, which he may hold during his life, providing he does not sell it to any other in the space of forty years, and if he does sell it in that time, the said land shall descend to John Hopkins, son of Thomas Hopkins, who married a daughter of Samuel McKinney, by the name of Bena. Executors, Enoch McKinney, John McGill, written, Aug 12, 1805 - witnesses, John Thomas, Thomas Davis, Henry Armstrong. [Source: Lincoln Co Kentucky Wills].


The massacre on Muddy Creek in 1763, which occurred just prior to the 2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre, completely destroyed one of Greenbriars' first settlements. A stone marker in a field on a hill marks the site of the massacre. Frederick See's name, spelled "Sea" is listed. The graves of the victims may still be seen in what is known as the McKee burying ground. In 1772 a lone man, Samuel McKinney, built his cabin near this tragic spot. Others soon followed and two years later there were enough settlers to warrant the building of Fort Arbuckle on Muddy Creek for their protection.
[Source: History of Augusta County, Virginia, pg. 138]