Person:Samuel McDILL (1)

Samuel McDILL
d.19 May 1811 Gilford Co, NC
m. Abt 1768
  1. Elizabeth McDill1770 - 1838
  2. Margurite McDill1772 -
  3. James McDill1775 -
  4. Ann McDill1777 -
  5. Jane McDill1779 -
  6. Sarah McDill1782 -
  7. Isaiah McDill1785 - Bet 1845 & 1860
  8. Mary "Polly" McDill1790 - 1874
Facts and Events
Name[1] Samuel McDILL
Gender Male
Birth[2] 10 Jan 1735 Co. Down., Dublin, Ireland
Marriage Abt 1768 Co. Down., Dublin, Irelandto Jean (Jane) Elizabeth McBRIDE
Death[3] 19 May 1811 Gilford Co, NC

"Samuel McDill and Jane McBride were both born and educated inthe city of Dublin, County Down, Ireland. They were marriedthere and came to America while it was a continent. He, ourgrandfather by our mother's side, was with Washington througoutthe entire Revoluntionary War. Samuel and Jane McDill were theparents of eight children, six girls and two boys. Betsey theiroldest never married and died an old maid." by Mary McCannDarnall

Research from Hoyt Duncan: "I did find a Samuel McDill purchasing a 416 acres of land whichhad been confiscated from Henry E. McCoulloch, a royalist. thiswas in Guildord Co, NC Oct. 24 1876. There was only one SamuelMcDill in the 1790 Census of NC. This must be our SamuelMcDill."

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