Person:Samuel Judy (1)

Samuel Judy
  1. Jacob Judy1797 - 1850
  2. Samuel JudyEst 1800 to 1814 -
  3. Sarah Judy1800 - 1852
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Judy
Gender Male
Birth? 20 AUG 1773 Canton Basel, Switzerland
Emigration? 1775 Came to America with his father
Death? 12 JAN 1838 Peter's Station, Madison County, IL
Burial? Nix/Judy Pioneer Cemetary, Glen Carbon, Madison County IL

Birth, Death was recorded in the Illinois State Archives War of 1812 Records on page 327 and pg 328

It is recorded by some sources: In the early Indian troubles in Monroe Co., Judy, then only a young man of twenty yrs, displayed great activity and bravery, afterwards in the campaigns against the Indians, during the War of 1812-15 and he was actively employed in the service. In 1812 he was in command of a company of spies, in advance of the main army, which proceeded against the Indians at the head of Peoria (ILL) Lake and the next year, 1813, he was Captain of a company in the army of Gen. Howard. In the frontier skirmishes with the Indians. Samuel Judy, Jr. was considered both active and efficient as well as prudent and cautious. He was modest and unassuming in character, and would have preferred to serve as a private soldier in the ranks, had not his neighbors and friends insisted on his taking the responsible command to which they thought his experience and sterling qualities of mind entitled him. He was elected a member from Madison Co (IL), in the fall of 1812, of the First Legislature that convened in Kaskaskia after the Formation of the Territorial Government. Although he had little education, and had learned barely more than to read and write, and this with some difficulty, the clear, sound and solid judgement with whichnature had endowed him, his great common sense, and his character and honestly as well as integrity, made him a valuable member of the Fist Legislative Body of IL, in which his influence was scarecly surpassed by that of any member.