Person:Samuel Jones (7)

m. 4 Dec 1660
  1. Mary JonesEst 1662 - 1740
  2. Hannah JonesAbt 1664 -
  3. Margaret Jones1667 - 1738
  4. Katherine Jones1671 -
  5. Jonathan Jones1673 - 1738
  6. Samuel Jones1676 - Aft 1745
  7. Ephraim Jones1685 -
  • HSamuel Jones1676 - Aft 1745
  • WMary Lay1678 - Aft 1735
m. 8 Dec 1697
  1. Samuel Jones1698 -
  2. Deborah Jones1701 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Samuel Jones
Gender Male
Birth[1] 18 May 1676 Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States
Marriage 8 Dec 1697 Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut, United Statesto Mary Lay
Death? Aft 17 Sep 1745 Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut, United Statesprobably

From Robert L. Ward Genealogical Research

There were two Samuel Jones people in Saybrook. The one who married Mary Lay was the one whose birth you have given above. The one who married Mary Stannard was a different person. Mary Lay's husband was distinguished from his contemporary by being called "of Pond Meadow".

The best treatment of these families I have seen is that of Hook (James William Hook, "Early Tryon, Jones, Harris, Lay Families of Saybrook, Conn." [1952], typescript at the Connecticut State Library, Hartford).

No death dates for either are known. Neither church nor town records show their deaths. No tombstones seem to exist, nor did Samuel Jones leave any probate records.

Samuel died after 17 Sep 1745 (Saybrook Land Records, volume 6, page 282 "of Pond Meadow"), probably Saybrook, CT. Mary died after 12 Mar 1735 (Lyme Land Records, volume 5, page 389 "of Saybrook"), probably Saybrook, CT. More than this, I have been unable to find.

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    JONES, Samuel, [s. Lewis], b. May 18, 1676