Person:Samuel Jackson (62)

Samuel Jackson
b.8 Nov 1755 Manchester, England
Facts and Events
Name[1] Samuel Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[1] 8 Nov 1755 Manchester, England
Marriage to Louisa Heyer
Death[1] 12 Apr 1845 Montgomery, New York, United States

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Samuel and Louisa's children are currently unproven but there are are two graves listed with Samuel and Louisa in the source record:
"Samuel C. b 6-17-1807; d 1-7-1887 and
Delia J., wife of S. C., b 8-1-1813; d 6-13-1889.
So this is a possible son and dau-in-law but more complete documentation is needed to confirm or refute that. There is also listed in that source: "Alice, see Taylor."

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